Island Life

A regal day

Victoria Day, 2012, could only be described as regal. 

Warm and sunny with the sweet scent of crabapple blossoms in the air.

A perfect day to garden.

And so we did.

Something new this year – a flower seed tape. 

Garden Fence Flowers by MacKenzie Seed CO.

Aren’t they pretty? Technically, they’re supposed to grow against a fence but I don’t have one. Hopefully they will be just as pretty in a garden row.

My beloved lasted longer gardening than I did. When I wearied, he brought out a chair so I could sit, watch, and document.

He said he works better when he has an audience.

I was happy to oblige 🙂


10 thoughts on “A regal day

  1. Rows,of flowers for picking for vases and give away bouquets! Fabulous! Watching ones handsome husband working in the garden is a delight too…right?


  2. anneliese says:

    Aren't husbands funny that way? I'm glad you obliged.Sometimes we need to remember that's what we would have done when we were dating.


  3. Beautiful apple blossoms. Nothing like the fragrance! Your garden soil looks so fertile and fluffy. I'm glad you got to journal the day from your lawn chair.


  4. The flower tape sounds really neat Kathie. I had to smile about you sitting and watching your husband work in the garden because I did the same thing yesterday! Hubby was chopping out an old stump and I sat and watched him. He wanted the company and I enjoyed the sunshine and lovely breeze. 🙂


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