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fff ~ June beauties!

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of

The sun came out today after a cool and rainy week. But, even with the chilly weather, everything is blooming.

It almost makes me dizzy trying to keep up with a Prince Edward Island June! Loveliness all around.

I often feel like Anne Shirley in one of my favourite AOGG passages ~ Anne’s first morning at Green Gables:

Anne dropped on her knees and gazed out into the June morning, her eyes glistening with delight. Oh, wasn’t it beautiful? Wasn’t it a lovely place? Suppose she wasn’t really going to stay here! She would imagine she was. There was scope for imagination here. 

A huge cherry-tree grew outside, so close that its boughs tapped against the house, and it was so thick-set with blossoms that hardly a leaf was to be seen. On both sides of the house was a big orchard, one of apple-trees and one of cherry-trees, also showered over with blossoms; and their grass was all sprinkled with dandelions. In the garden below were lilac-trees purple with flowers, and their dizzily sweet fragrance drifted up to the window on the morning wind.

Below the garden a green field lush with clover sloped down to the hollow where the brook ran and where scores of white birches grew, upspringing airily out of an undergrowth suggestive of delightful possibilities in ferns and mosses and woodsy things generally. Beyond it was a hill, green and feathery with spruce and fir; there was a gap in it where the gray gable end of the little house she had seen from the other side of the Lake of Shining Waters was visible. 

Off to the left were the big barns and beyond them, away down over green, low-sloping fields, was a sparkling blue glimpse of sea. Anne’s beauty-loving eyes lingered on it all, taking everything greedily in. She had looked on so many unlovely places in her life, poor child; but this was as lovely as anything she had ever dreamed. 

She knelt there, lost to everything but the loveliness around her . . .

I’m looking at everything with “beauty-loving eyes” and here are my favourites:

1. Apple blossomtime

There’s nothing so sweet and fragrant as a wild apple blossom.

2. Lupins – early this year. What a welcome sight!

They’re just beginning to bloom but in a week or so, the Island roads will be lined with these purple, pink and white beauties.

3. Deep in the woods – in the secret places – the Lady Slippers are blooming.  

They’re a little hard to find and even harder to photograph. They grow in the deep, shady areas of the woods where there isn’t much sunlight and it’s challenging to capture a good picture.

But, in the evening hours, when the sun is striking low through the trees, you’ll occasionally discover a shaft of sunlight illuminating a little patch of these pink beauties. It’s like striking gold!

4. Lilacs – are they my favourite of all? Maybe so. 

I love to bury my face in a lilac bush and breathe in that sweet fragrance. It’s the essence of springtime.

5. I could post my  weigela bush – it’s laden with pink blooms. Or I could show you a picture of my rhodies – the rose-coloured blossoms are just beginning.

But instead I’ll post my absolute favourite little beauty – Josie Mae – who had her first weekend sleepover at Nannie and Grampie’s (along with Mommy and Daddy of course!:)

sleeping beautyHere she is, safely buckled up in her car seat, heading home. We were working hard to get a smile for the camera and this was the closest. She’s not quite as generous with her smiles as Jill’s little Luke! But give her another week or so and she’ll be performing on camera cue I’m sure! Oh Jill and I are having fun together as first-time grammies!

I’m leaving you with a video that – I’ll have to confess – made me teary-eyed!

Listen to the words and see if you don’t choke up a bit too.

Happy Diamond Jubilee to our Queen!

and a happy weekend to all of you!

with love and many thanks for coming by,

PS – Don’t forget to drop over to visit Susanne and all the Friday Fave gang at Living To Tell The Story


15 thoughts on “fff ~ June beauties!

  1. Stunning and wow! Love the AOGG excerpt which ties in so nicely with your fabulous photos (gotta love that camera) Love the adorable baby photos…Josie Mae is such a beauty!And yes, that video brought tears to my eyes….just LOVE it!Thanks for sharing…I am always blessed to have visited!Joanne


  2. anneliese says:

    What a treat to come and visit! Wow .. your pictures and your little sweetie … and the video… thank you for sharing that.My thoughts went to wanting to pass it on and sharing it too. How beautiful!


  3. I just love reading Anne's thoughts and descriptions of PEI. You've captured it beautifully in photos too. I, like you, especially like the one of Josie Mae. What a gift!


  4. So June is the loveliest flower month on PEI? I definitely plan on visiting your island some year, and need to decide what season would be best. I used to be inclined to autumn, but Utah's fall colors are unbeatable imho. I'd want to swim too, so maybe late June? Definitely want ties lady slippers in bloom!


  5. Kathie, your photos are beautiful but I love the sweet pictures of your granddaughter at the end most. Grand babies are so special aren't they?The sun shone here from 6 – 12 today then it clouded over but it's still quite warm out at 20. Have a beautiful weekend!


  6. Very nice post, Kathie! I enjoyed the photos of the flowers, babes, and the video of the Jubilee Sing. I have to confess that my favorite part, though, was the quote from Anne of Green Gables. I so love her and the wonderful way Lucy Maud Montgomery describes Prince Edward Island …


  7. Oh such beauty and preciousness! Loved each photo. My girlfriend worked with the African Children's Choir for 10 years several years ago. She was thrilled with the fact that they sang for the Queen.


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