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fff ~ welcome summer!

Hi there! Welcome to  Friday’s Favourite Five and the first Friday of summer!

Although I love the changes of every season, summer on Prince Edward Island has to be my favourite time of year.

Here’s a few reasons why . . .

1. The weather! Fresh dewy mornings, warm sunny afternoons and long, lingering evenings set the scene for one long holiday time. 

And (hopefully) just enough rain to keep everything blooming and green!

Garden on the first day of summer

2. There’s no end to the summer festivities ~ family and home-comings, beach parties and bonfires, live theatre and concerts, small town fairs and parades from June til the end of Sept. Check out our Visitor’s Guide – it will whet your appetite for an Island visit!


3. Afternoons in the hammock with a fat book and an icy cold glass of peach iced-tea.

4. Time for long evening walks on quiet shores.

5. Watching the sun set over the water.

click to enlargeHappy sigh. So much to enjoy and it’s only just begun!

Thanks so much for coming by to visit.

Have a wonderful first weekend of summer!

with love,

PS – Find more FFF fun at Susanne’s Living To Tell The Story


17 thoughts on “fff ~ welcome summer!

  1. I want to come!! Your pictures are just lovely, and I've heard so many wonderful things about your sweet island. (And I love the way you spell "favourite.")


  2. Bev K says:

    Visiting your province is on the top of my list of places to go in Canada. Paging through the fat guide book just intensified by desire to do it soon!So far summer has only teased us with a few sunny days here on the West coast – today it is again cold and rainy. Thank you for sharing your sunny scenes with us.


  3. Kathie says:

    HI there ladies! Thanks for all your lovely comments!Answer time :)Joanne – I bought that hammock at Canadian Tire – I've had others and I really like this one – it's lasting. I also put hooks in the tree so that I could take it down easily in bad weather. You need to put a quilt or blanket to make it super comfortable though.Jill – I haven't bought it yet- I'm so tempted but I've put it on hold til I read the OTHER books I've bought !! I'm a dangerous girl with an ebook reader 🙂


  4. More twinsy stuff: we have the same hammock, and a preference for peach tea while reading in it. Lately though I've been brewing fresh chocolate mint from the garden into my "Go to" ice tea. Was the ladies swim club novel good?


  5. Love your blog look, love the photos and my oh my how I am COVETING your home place!! I MUST get my husband to agree to trip up there…maybe next summer. this summer is out…..we are on a tight budget due to Gordon College expenses and not wanting our oldest to be too much in debt when she graduates in 3 years. BUT….PEI is still my number 1 "places to visit before I'm 55" list! 🙂


  6. Kathie,You've changed it up a bit! I still love it!It has been and continues to be a gorgeous blog!Thank you for all the efforts you put into it to make this such a lovely place to visit!You've added pinterest…you must be enjoying it!Great sunset! Where did you buy your hammock? Our kids are asking us to get one and I don't know where to start in looking…Enjoy your summer!Have a great weekend!Joanne


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