Listen to my boys new acoustic EP “At Long Creek“. If you join their email list you can download it for free.

There’s a sweet version of Travelling – the song that had a million youtube views a month ago. They’re at 1,434,729 today.

I can’t listen to this next song without crying . . . it’s all about our old family homestead in Hartsville, a little rural community in the centre of the island.

Roger and I lived there for the first few years of our marriage. And holidayed there every August for the children’s growing up years. Such happy memories. It’s falling into the basement now. But we’re hoping to rebuild a family retreat with a main cottage and little cabins/bunkhouses for each family. It would be a perfect place for cousin camp!

“Bodies In the Winter” is about living next door to our church’s graveyard. John had a serious asthma attack while being pulled on skis by our golden retriever Bess. Robbie carried him home although he wasn’t much bigger than him.

“My Friend” talks about the friendship the boys shared with Colin who plays lead guitar in the band. They’ve been together since diaper days. They were always making movies with John and Colin starring while Robbie was the camera man.

And of course “Polly Hill” is where we live now.

Go have a listen. They have some of the sweetest harmony you’ll ever hear  – says a totally unbiased mother. Which, I think, must be an oxymoron. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A little weekend bonus

  1. I love the 'vintage' photos of your family and your old homestead in Hartsville. I hope you are able to build your family retreat there one day. It would be awesome! Blessings, Pamela


  2. Kim says:

    Such talent, and it sure runs in the family!Love the pictures – they are priceless.


  3. anneliese says:

    Beautiful harmony, for sure!


  4. ellen b says:

    So fabulous! They really do have great harmony! That would be fun to have a family retreat area!


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