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fff ~ lovely

So many lovely things to be thankful for this week!

1. A wonderful bird-walk with my brother in Valleyfield woodlot. 

A leafy cathedral


light and shadow dancing

2.  A summer bird-walk is more about listening and identifying birds by their songs. They are difficult to spot among the leafy canopy. We heard woodland thrushes, several varieties of warblers, red-eyed vireos and ovenbirds. 

A small, inconspicuous bird of the forest floor, the Ovenbird is one of the most characteristic birds of the eastern forests. Its loud song, “teacher, teacher, teacher,” rings through the summer forest, but the bird itself is hard to see.  (Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Ovenbirds are usually seen and not heard so I was really pleased to capture two pictures of of them. Even if the moth blocked its face 🙂

3. Afterwards, my brother treated me to a fish-cake lunch on the waterfront in Montague.

While we ate, we watched the lobster fisherman take their traps in for the season.

4. On the way home, I had to stop to take pictures of a beautiful hedge of wild roses blooming along the roadside. 

Such a sweet fragrance.

5. Here’s a final lovely – even sweeter than the wild roses! 🙂

Little Miss Josie – all tuckered out after her bath!

Hope you enjoyed your Friday Fave visit here at A Sparrow’s Home. 

Thanks so much for coming by. May your weekend be filled with blessings! 

with love,

PS – For more Friday Faves, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story. Thanks Susanne for hosting us each week!!


14 thoughts on “fff ~ lovely

  1. Hey I didn't know you guys grew the Alberta Wild Rose way over on PEI! I've never heard of an ovenbird. But I love the little tuft of feathers on their heads. You must have been so excited to capture those photos.Josie is sweet as pie.


  2. Lovely, indeed, Kathie! Always a feast for the eyes here at your blog. That cathedral-like walk looks so gorgeous — I think I'd be too entranced to try to find birds.


  3. Ahhh, I've never seen an ovenbird before! And look at those pictures you took!Now I MUST find an ovenbird. Surely in all of our woods there must be ONE?Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love the Ovenbird — "teacher, teacher, teacher"! Your photos are just breathtaking. And I do agree, the sweetest has to be Miss Josie. What a sweet little pink package. Someday this mom of boys with one grandson will have a pink package to hold…Have a great week!


  5. I have never heard of oven birds before and didn't know they were in our forests. You captured some great photos of it. Josie looks so sweet and relaxed. Just adorable. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela


  6. How cool that the ovenbird says "teacher teacher." I didn't know about that. Thanks for sharing.I love lunch by the sea – or anything by the sea!Josie looks mighty sweet sleeping away in that photo!


  7. All the pictures are great but that last one is the sweetest.I don't know why, but I love eating near the water.I'm afraid I don't know bird sounds at all, except of course the owl. Glad you got a pic of the elusive one!


  8. Identifying birds by their calls is an extra layer of outdoor fun. I only wish I knew more…and like you, rely on Cornell to help out with memorable "translations" like teacher teacher, or in the case if a Carolina wren "tea kettle tea kettle"!Our wild roses look like yours and smell so sweet…but I agree, freshly bathed grandchild scent is even better!


  9. Oh Kathie!! what gorgeous photos!! and that bird!! that is truly a blessing….i loved reading about it and had never heard of it… the call they do! :)and your precious granddaughter! oh so sweet!! that eating establishment is one Dave and I would love!! Enjoy the weekend….


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