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fff ~ glorious

Hello from very sunny PEI!

It’s Friday and I’m counting blessings with Susanne and the Friday Fave gang at Living To Tell The Story.

1. Beach days. This may explain why my blog posting has been somewhat sporadic 🙂

One glorious sunny day after another!

2.  Strawberry season ~ sweet!

Strawberries on cereal, in yogurt, crushed over ice-cream and shortcake and, of course, jam!

I like to display the fruits of my labour for a few days before I store them away.

3. You can’t have strawberry jam without fresh biscuits.

This recipe is delicious and only takes a few minutes to whip up. I’ll post it next week – promise!

Biscuits with strawberry jam and cheese is a typical Island lunch (lunch to Islanders, means evening snack, not the noontime meal 🙂

4. My boys’ band, Paper Lions, launched their new acoustic album at Trailside Cafe, a lovely, intimate setting and a wonderful show!  Roger and I had so much fun and were so proud of our boys! We don’t often get to hear them live, as most of their shows are after midnight. Too late for these old folks 🙂

5. Here’s my final fave ~  if you’re around Charlottetown this summer, you may see my girl dressed up as a Lady of Confederation. She’s really enjoying this summer job as she reenacts the history of Confederation, takes visitors on walking tours, plays endless rounds of croquet and poses for pictures. 

 (I had to coax a smile from the girls in the last picture-  they’re required to stay in character and smiling for photos was not done in the 1800s. But . . .  mothers have a bit of influence!)

Here’s a fun way to learn a bit of the history that Sarah reenacts. A 3 minute clip performed by a Grade 8 class from my hometown Montague. It was the winning entry in a Parks Canada contest and the prize was a trip to Banff National Park  for the whole class. They did a marvelous job! There’s a bit of French at the start of the video but if your French is rusty, don’t worry. It shifts quickly to English.

Thanks again for coming by and don’t forget to say hi! I love to read your comments.

Happy weekend!

with love,


14 thoughts on “fff ~ glorious

  1. What a lovely blog you have. So excited to find you. Would love to see Prince Ed Island one day :)Hope you'll visit me. I did a post on strawberries last week –the perfect fruit. Looking for yourfollow link now..~betty


  2. Thanks for sharing the video, Kathie. You've piqued my interest. My grandfather was born in Montague. I can't wait to go there one day. As always I enjoy your pics of local flavor. (You've got me hooked on Larkrise to Candleford too.)


  3. What a fun summer job!I want to be on that beach. So serene and lovely. I don't blame you for being there instead of at your computer.The strawberry jam looks delicious. I didn't know you guys called evening snack lunch.


  4. Kathie, I always so enjoy your Friday Fave Five. Some day you will just sit in your rocker and look through them and see how faithful God was in each day and week of your life. You fill your world with beauty.


  5. Just stopping by to say hello. Also to mention that your daughter in the confederation costume looks so cool. I love time period stories and costumes.


  6. I love that first beach photo Kathie. You sure have been busy making jam. The berries here havn't been that great so I didn't get strawberry jam made. But, I did make raspberry jam. Your daughter would have a fun summer doing the reinacting for the tourists. It must be hot under all those heavy skirts though. Have a super weekend!


  7. What a neat video! The pictures of your daughter are great. That must be a fun summer job. And those biscuits and that jam…Can I come over? Please?Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


  8. Beautiful pics…my faves were your jam pic and the children at the beach! Oh what a fun summer job!! Sounds like you had a wonderful week especially those beach days, eating fresh jam and listening to your boy play/perform live! Happy Weekend!


  9. So many wonderful favorites for you this week. Love the enactment photos of Sarah. What fun and that costume is great. I'm reading some mysteries from the mid 1800's right now so it's fun to see the clothes in the photos. Now pass me a biscuit with some jam and no one gets hurt!! …pretty please.


  10. That beach and those strawberries look so inviting! I love that snack — it's making me want some right now!I've often thought it would be fun to dress up and do historical reenactments. I'm glad you got a smile out of them. 🙂


  11. Lorna says:

    So nice, Kathie. Can't wait to see Sarah in Charlottetown when we come back. The jam looks awesome. I'm determined to make some of my own next week :>).


  12. Very interesting post today, Kathie! So lunch is at night in Canada? Probably much better for you. I am a great lover of both cheese and strawberries so I could definitely get into that.As always your photos are great, but I really love that first one of the beach!


  13. Great montage of pictures, Kathie!Those strawberries and biscuits look so yummy – please do post the recipe so I can spoil the husband!Love the pics of the young folks in period dress!And isn't this weather the best?


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