Happy 200th!


 Friday’s Fave Fives ! Congratulations Susanne!!

I may have missed a week here or there, but I’ve been a Friday Faver since the start.

Blessing list after blessing list – every Friday – thanks for the inspiration Susanne!

1. It’s summer – it’s sunny – it’s lovely and warm . . .  if you know me, you’ll know what’s at the very top of my blessing list this week.

Beach fun!

A perfect afternoon!

2.  Listening to an entertaining history of our country – Sarah’s character, Maggie Longworth, was not impressed with the vision of Confederation presented by our founding Fathers.  It’s a fitting role for Sarah as her own great great grandfather, a member of the Legislature at that time, was of the same opinion.

3 A family get-together with some cookie cup desserts. I saw it on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. Oh, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the outcome. I tried 2 different methods. Cookie dough over the bottom of the muffin tin and cookie dough inside the muffin. 

The presentation wasn’t as pretty as I might have liked. 

But they were delicious anyway – especially filled with this . . .

Our Compliments, Sensations Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Oh my – too good!

4. Another favourite? A pretty little vase I found at a thrift shop – perfect for a summer bouquet! These are the very first flowers from my seed garden.

Can anyone help me with the flower names? They came from a mixed seed packet and I don’t have a clue what they are except the white alyssum.

5. Susanne – I hope you have a wonderful weekend! You should be proud of yourself for reaching such a milestone and encouraging us all to do the same. This is how I’ll be celebrating! 🙂

I’ll be thinking of all my Friday Favers! and counting each of you as sweet blessings in my life.

Thanks for dropping in – thanks for every friendly comment – and thanks for letting me join the FFF club!

Happy weekend – get out there and celebrate! 🙂

with love,


18 thoughts on “Happy 200th!

  1. Hi Kathy! Hard to believe that it's been 200 weeks of blessings with the Friday Fave! And I've enjoyed them all. Oooh wish I could see Sarah as she acts out her part. I'm sure she does an excellent job and the tourists love it! Your summer relaxing looks lovely.


  2. Lovely photos and I wish I could jump into the sea with you! (Maybe someday?) I think the other white flowers are "baby's breath" or gypsophilia.Happy Summer to you.


  3. These summertime activities are the things the things that I love to do during this season. I want collecting fresh flowers for our vase that we can only during summer. Going to the beach with family and have fun with the waves.


  4. Oh your pictures are gorgeous! This landlocked Albertan would love to be there! Your little vase is lovely with all the flowers in it. I can't remember the name of the orange poppy on the left but we always called them "Nagymama's flowers" because Mom bought seeds to Canada from my Nagymama's (Grandma's) garden in Hungary and that was one of them. What a great idea to have cookie bowls to serve ice cream!Thanks for being with me from the beginning! Your beautiful pictures have just increased the desire in my heart for a visit to your lovely province. I know I'll make it there one day!


  5. Love that sweet little vase. I thought I saw some Queen Anne's Lace in there. Your photos are just breathtaking! Love coming here to see them every week!


  6. Oh my, those cookie cups filled with peanut butter ice cream? Sounds heavenly!What a sweet little vase with the blooms! Love it.But what I love most is that last picture – it would be a dream to float like that in some cool refreshing water. My part of the country is experiencing a heat wave!


  7. Beach fun…what great pic's! I tried the cookie cups from pinterest as well…with less than perfect results. Have always enjoyed your Friday blessings. Keep it up!


  8. Your beach photos always make me miss living close to the beach. I love reenactments. Looks so fun!I'd seen that same idea on Pinterest and wondered how it would really turn out.I just love that vase! I love heart shapes.


  9. A wonderful 5 for our 200th celebration! Love the shot of the little one jumping the wave and that last one of you is so serene and lovely!!Are those some poppies in the flower vase? Being a California girl that is the only one I could name…


  10. Kathie, Yes, the orange flowers are California poppies. They grow like weeds here wherever they can find a bit of dirt. I love them!Of course, I'd be cheering about that beach trip too! It looks like Sarah was enjoying herself at the play–and dressing up in historical clothes is fun too.Have a great 'floating' weekend.


  11. Jill says:

    Those beachy pictures makes me wanna grab my swimsuit, towel, hat and a sand pail and shovel for a day at the beach too.The quilt behind the bouquet is just perfect. Of course I too knew my home state' s orange California poppy. I used to romp in fields of them as a kid!


  12. I am sooooooo jalous when I see your beach pictures ! We have the heating on (!!!) in July ! it's cold and rainy. The cookie cups look delicious, and I love the costumes of your countries history !


  13. as always….amazingly gorgeous pictures!!! Ah…that water looks soooo refreshing. Your flowers are so pretty. I had a mixed set as well and didn't know any of the names except for the daisies! enjoy your time relaxing on the water!! 🙂


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