I’m trying to think of a some new words that will fit the FFF theme and Prince Edward Island in the summer.

FFF – full, fun, fabulous

FFF – family, festivities, food

SSS  would really work – sun, sand, sea

WWW wouldn’t be bad either – wonderful, whirlwind, weary  – well, just a tad 🙂

PEI is definitely a summer destination.  Family and friends all come home and we gear up for a summer-long festivity.

It’s incredibly fun especially when summer weather cooperates. Long, beautiful, sunny days and a little rain at night for the gardens and crops make for a perfect Island summer.

The days are full. Family and friends visiting, beaches, barbecues, potlucks, restaurant outings, live theatre shows and country fairs. Then there’s berry picking, jam and pickle making. And a garden and flowerbeds to weed. A house to tidy (hmmm, I notice I put that last 🙂 and oh dear, blogging! I’m afraid blogging has taken a bit of a backseat. 🙂

But here I am to join the fun with Susanne and all the rest of my fff friends. We’re taking note of the blessings, remembering to say thank you for every good thing whether little or big. It’s a powerful reminder that life is a gift and the Lord is the Giver.

I’m thankful for 

1. sunny days in the garden. I’m especially happy with the progress of my seed flowers.   

They’re really coming along despite the fact that I probably pulled a few of them.

How do you tell the difference between weeds and flowers in the early stages of growth? Especially when you plant a package of mixed seeds?

Until the flower head forms,  I’m just not sure what I’m growing!

I need to get a lesson or two from Carolyn! She’s a flower expert.

My lavender smells so sweet. I planted it last year – inspired by Ellen’s lavender posts. Maybe someday I’ll have a field of lavender. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous!

2. my beloved who spends such happy days here. It makes me happy to see him so contented in the garden.

We’re enjoying the bounty every day.

3. a wee grandgirlie who had her first beach trip with Nan.

The sun was awfully bright in her eyes and the wind was blowing – she wasn’t absolutely sure she liked the beach. But, it’s only a matter of time. It’s in her blood!

And there are a lot of cousins who are just waiting for her to join them! 

5. a little trip to the eastern tip of the Island. We re-discovered a beach that I’ve not visited since my mom took me there as a little girl. 

Miles and miles of long, white, sandy shore.

Sparkling clear warm water

And hardly a soul about.

Well, maybe one or two 🙂 How would you like to live there? 

or here?

I’m just thankful that all the beaches on Prince Edward Island are public property. We can go anywhere as long as we’re below the high tide mark. We don’t have to worry about trespassing which is a relief if you’re a beach explorer like I am!

There’s so much I love about an island summer ~ sparkling sunlight on blue water, soft warm breezes, wildflowers blooming crazily along red dirt roads, quiet leafy woods,  long curling waves on the north shore and the still calm waters on the south shore, glorious sunsets every evening and starlit skies at night . . .

and best of all?

it’s. all. free! 

It fills me with wonder. What a gift. Sometimes I feel like my heart is just not big enough to hold all the joy. Which is a good thing . . . because I want to share it.

and so here I am, hoping you’re a little bit blessed too!

Thank you so much for coming by, for your encouraging comments and cheery hellos. I appreciate every one.

Many blessings

with love,

15 thoughts on “fff ~ summer days

  1. tonia says:

    Such a beautiful garden, k! Well done! 🙂 Such a rich, full life indeed…and I love that baby's face and those sweet puckered lips. 🙂 Beautiful.


  2. Barbara H. says:

    PEI does sound like such a lovely summer spot! Those flowers are gorgeous. I don't know what things are weeds, either, til they grow up, and some of them even have pretty flowers.I'm sure that sweet grandbaby will love the beach in time. I would love either of those houses right on the beach!


  3. Susanne says:

    I soooo want to make it to PEI for a vacation! I am determined to get there! Your garden flowers look lovely. So colorful. Baby's first beach trip. Precious. I'm sure next year she'll be right in there with the cousins!


  4. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I love all your beach pics-it is certainly a great beach summer here! wildfllower mix is so pretty and the veggie garden is producing well. Sometimes it is hard to tell the weeds from the flowers when they are small. I think our garden has every weed known to the Island somewhere in it so stop in sometime and I can point out all my weeds! I am sure that little grandgirlie will be loving the beach by next year.Enjoy your weekend,Carolyn


  5. Jody says:

    Just beautiful. Every bit of it. Blessed are you.


  6. nikkipolani says:

    SIGH!!! I love all the open space around your garden and all the lovelies you've got growing out there. By the way, are you familiar with helpmefind.com? You can search for roses that are suited to your zone (5a to 6b). Try this link: http://www.helpmefind.com/rose/plants.php?sbSearch=SEARCH&tab=5&qn=4&qc=12ec


  7. Wonderful photos for FFF. I love the two beautiful homes on the beach. I guess they would be bleak in winter though. I need to get a beach fix before summer is over. Maybe Parlee on the other side of the straight. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela


  8. Deb says:

    Kathie, love, love, love your garden and flowers! Yes, it's neat when your husband takes interest in the planting and managing the garden, Everything looks wonderful! Including that grand-baby! 🙂


  9. Faith says:

    oh boy…..i'll be talking about your post again tonite and my husband will just say "not this year"….LOL….but yes…we DO want to get to PEI!! I LOVE your garden….I sure wish we had space in our backyard for one….maybe my husband can help me with a mini one next year. Your granddaughter is just beautiful and that's a great pic of her cousins having some beach fun! Enjoy this last month of summer!! (oh, and yes the cape is fun to explore but I'm ready to move on to PEI for some exploration! 🙂 )


  10. Schotzy says:

    AW!!! PEI is my dream destination… cant seem to get there.. life is always too complicated… maybe someday before Im too old and grey! Your photos a re awesome…. the garden sublime!!!!!


  11. ellen b says:

    Such a wonderful part of our world. So glad you enjoy it and soak in all the wonders!


  12. anneliese says:

    Beautiful! I have fond memories of visiting PEI and would love to go back again one day!


  13. Lisa notes says:

    I always feel like I've visited a little piece of heaven when I hear about your island times. The pics are so beautiful and so is that sweet grandbaby. Thanks for sharing with us.


  14. Jill says:

    Your seed garden is awesome! Such fun and they'll come back next year too. I can not believe you waited so long to revisit that gorgeous beach. If camping was allowed I'd make it my summer address there. Josie did look less than in awe of beach life. Hope she didn't think surfing was going to be happening…I can see here as a surfer girl no problem!


  15. Deb says:

    Kathie, love, love, love your garden and flowers! Yes, it's neat when your husband takes interest in the planting and managing the garden, Everything looks wonderful! Including that grand-baby! 🙂


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