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Amazing August


Well . . . can you believe it? The last day of August!

It’s been an amazing month with wonderful summer weather – perfect for beaches and barbeques and so many gatherings with family and friends.

Summer on the Island tends to be one, long, lovely blur –  it’s a good thing I took a few pictures!

Here are some of my favourite memories – just in time for the last Friday Fave Five of August.

FFF daisies2


1. Here is the highlight of summer 2012 ~ smiling at this little girl!!

in her “retro” shorts!

A sweet little family!

2. Hope you’re not too tired of beach pictures – this is my favourite place to be in the summer.

 and here is the perfect end to a perfect beach day!

I haven’t worked my way through all 60 flavours yet! 🙂

3. Family and friends = fun

It was lovely to have my sister and her family home – we spend most of our days at her cottage.  Josie came to the beach to meet her new great-auntie.

I had a wonderful day with girls I’ve known since I was 5 – a lot of “remember when” and laughter!

Every Wednesday this summer I went to the beach with these girls. We called ourselves the www group – wild Wednesday women. I don’t know how “wild” we were – but we had a lot of fun!

4. Gathering flowers in my garden is a daily joy.

They were so simple to plant  – just a few seeds in the ground and yet, they bring such pleasure.

Always a fresh bouquet for my kitchen table.

5. And for my final favourite ~ living on such a beautiful Island.

It’s a photographer’s dream.


Around every bend in the road, there’s another beautiful vista.

Fields of gold,

peaceful rivers,



magical sunsets.

I’m blessed.

*   *   *   *   *

Thank you so much for dropping in for a visit.

Now that summer is winding down, I’m hoping to return to regular blogging and  blog visiting. I’ve missed you!

Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend!

with love and thanks for you,

PS – for more Friday Fave 5s, drop over to Susanne’s at Living To Tell The Story.


16 thoughts on “Amazing August

  1. Joanna in Ca. usa says:

    Am I correct in assuming that those women stayed on the island as you did (your group of childhood friends)? If so, that is fascinating to me. You truly are blessed in more ways than one. :)ps I drink your pictures in, by the way, lol.


  2. Jill says:

    Blissful sighs at each of your pictures and my imagination picturing how fun it all was for you. The big question: did the grand girl get her toes in the water too?


  3. Whoa, Kathie! You're back with a vengeance! Gorgeous views, of course, and you never have to ration them 🙂 I can't believe how big your granddaughter is — already getting ready for her first steps.


  4. Kathie, your photos are just beautiful and really capture the essence of summer. I like the idea of your WWW girls! 🙂 It's hard to believe the summer season is winding down already but there may be some lovely beach days to come in September. Blessings, Pamela


  5. Oh my. I don't like to travel, but you are so making me want to visit PEI. I especially love that first photo under #5.What a little cutie in #1! And next year's summer photos of her will be so different!


  6. That little grandbaby is soooo cute! And your flowers are lovely. I'm going to have to plant a cutting garden next year – you inspire, too!You live in such a beautiful, picturesque place – I really do have to come visit someday : )Much love …


  7. Such a beautiful place!! and what a fun idea…the WWW's!! love it! and your granddaughter is beautiful!! my niece is now at the vet college there and is LOVING exploring the island! 🙂


  8. That little one is getting so big!!! What a cutie :)I agree, PEI in the summer must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.Have a wonderful weekend,Niki


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