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Labour day love

The gang came out for some Labour Day family time.

And I made pies for dessert – lemon meringue and butterscotch cream.

In our family there are many ways to show love – but cooking and baking special dishes for them is close to the top of the list.

and judging by the “ohs and yums”, there was a lot of lovin going on here yesterday 🙂

 I always follow my mother’s recipe, a variation of the one on the Tenderflake lard box. She added 2 tsp brown sugar and a tsp of baking powder. A never fail recipe!

I make my lemon pie from a box – so simple and delicious. Someday, I’d like to try a fresh lemon recipe.

But, here’s the pièce de résistance, Nana’s Butterscotch Pie from Warm Vanilla Sugar, a lovely recipe blog. I love the story behind the pie and intend to adopt the title for my own – as I’m a Nannie now too!! Yay!

and with that, here’s a sweet little picture of the babykins who made me one!


Cuddled up with my “baby boy” – her Uncle Jimmy.

Labour Day love indeed. 


7 thoughts on “Labour day love

  1. Jill says:

    Oh gee whiz…now I am going to be craving butterscotch pie. Only me here for three more days; I don't dare make one for just myself!You know, I think she made a wonderful nana!


  2. What a cute picture of your little sweetie looking up at her uncle.The butterscotch pie sounds amazing. Will have to make that one sometime. I usually make the lemon pie that uses sweetened condensed milk – like a key lime pie. I once made my husband's Great Aunt Maude's lemon pie. It was very, very good, but very time consuming to make.


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