fff ~ faces

 It’s Friday and time to count blessings with Susanne and the Friday Fave crew.

I was testing out my camera this week and happened to aim it my fridge – and this is the shot.

So many faces – family and friends.

It made me smile to look at it. So much love. And it made me thankful especially for the faces of those nearest and dearest.

1. My beloved ~ close to 36 years together. 

Look at the smile on his face! A happy man in one of his favourite spots – the woodshed!

2. My oldest son and his sweet wife ~ chatting by Skype this week

They live in London and we miss them SO much. But I am so very glad for Skype! I not only hear their voices, I get to see their faces. What a blessing.

2.  And who were they chatting with? My youngest – on her birthday!

Here she is on her very first birthday.

Such darling smiles on her little face and on her brother James. 

And still smiling on her 22nd! Notice the same plate :). We had a little mini-celebration on her actual birthdate – and this Sunday more of the family will gather to celebrate.

3. My youngest boy and his sweet wife dropped in for a surprise on Monday – to see their faces at the door makes me so happy! They stayed for supper and a lovely visit.

4. My second boy and his sweet wife – here they are on a recent trip to Toronto. Such a lovely picture of their smiling faces. 

5. My middle boy, his sweet wife, and our wee grandgirlie on a trip to Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia.

Little Josie in her new cap. Oh. my. heart.

Each of these faces are the dearest in the world to me and they’ve brought more joy than I could ever measure. I thank the Lord every day for the blessing of family.

Thanks so much for coming by for a Friday Fave visit. For more blessings lists, drop over to Susanne’s at Living To Tell The Story.

with love and thanks for you! 


20 thoughts on “fff ~ faces

  1. I said, "Oh, Josie!" and chuckled out loud when I saw that sweet picture. You know what I love? Each of your sons' wives are "sweet," you say! What a blessing. Kathie, my fridge looks a lot like yours. In fact, I have an identical magnet to yours — "God's biggest blessings are little ones"!!Hope you have a great week ahead. Blessings on your sweet family!


  2. anneliese says:

    I was scrolling through the post and thinking how many boys do you have? So great!Love the same looking cupcake on the same late as on your daughter's first BD with theolder brother watching and now skyping…it's such a blessing to see life from the perspective we are at now!


  3. What sweet photos! I love seeing people's refrigerators.Our son is not quite as far away — he is in RI and we're in TN — but we love to Skype as well, or more recently, to FaceTime on our iPhones. My husband can hook either the computer or phone up to the TV so our son is more life-sized and we can all see him at once. So much nicer than when I first moved away from home and could only call once a month or so!Happy birthday to your daughter! My married son and his wife live in town, and we love it when they can drop in for dinner. You have a lovely family!


  4. OH! That was beautiful! What took your oldest son to England? Are the rest fairly close to you in location? A drop in for dinner…oh, I only can wish I could do that to my parents! We're only 5 hours away, so I know it's not awful.Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady! I adore your granddaughter's hat and sweater! The joy of family never gets old!


  5. what beautiful pics of a beautiful family!!! and all your children are married except your youngest daughter? that must be fun with holidays and family celebrations….and YES…love Skype!! enjoy the start of autumn!!


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