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FFF – catch-up

I’ve been a wee bit lax when it comes to posting lately. No really good excuse – except clouds! It’s hard to take good pictures when it’s been cloudy and pictures are always what inspires me to blog.

But, cloudy or sunny, blessings abound, so I want to join with Susanne at Living To Tell The Story as we compile our blessing lists!

1. Leaves are beginning to turn.

October arrives in a swirl of fragrant blue leaf smoke, the sweetness of slightly frosted MacIntosh apples and little hard acorns falling. We are in the midst of cool, crisp days, purple mists and nature recklessly tossing her whole palette of dazzling tones through fields and woodlands.

 That quote comes from The Shape of A Year, a  month by month memoir of country living by Jean Hersey. I keep it by my reading chair and read a bit from it each season. Her writing reminds me of Gladys Taber and the Stillmeadow series.

2. Autumn is a little slow this year but it’s beginning to look, and feel, a little more “fallish”.

We haven’t had a frost yet so my flowers are blooming away brightly. We’re still digging carrots and potatoes for supper each evening. And I have a marvelous crop of pumpkins and squash. I roasted some of the acorn squash in the oven for Thanksgiving dinner and John whipped them with butter, nutmeg and a little cream. Oh my! Slightly decadent!

3. I’ve been reading some great books lately – slowly savouring a re-read of Pride and Prejudice. I have a 1976 edition, beautifully illustrated by Isabel Bishop, which belonged to my oldest sister, Pat. She tried to get me into Jane Austen for many years but I was a slow convert. I love to read her now.

I’m also reading/studying Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy with some very dear friends. Food for the soul!

At night I like to pick a children’s book off my shelves – something cosy and relaxing to help me drift off to sleep.  I was looking for Farmer Boy and couldn’t find it – so I chose The Long Winter instead.

Hmmm – definitely not the type of book to put you to sleep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it over the years – believe me, it’s numerous – but it’s still gripping. I read til past midnight and couldn’t put it down til Almanzo and Cap returned safely with the wheat!

4. Our wee grandgirlie is half a year old – who can believe it! 

What joy she brings the whole family.

5. Lovely celebrations – our nephew’s wedding last Saturday, a lovely Thanksgiving family feast last Monday and next weekend, Roger and I, along with our church and community, will celebrate our 25th anniversary ministering here in Belfast. The Lord is good!

Here’s a picture from way back then –  21 years ago. In our Sunday morning finery πŸ™‚

1991 – Belfast

Thanks so much for dropping in for a visit.

Many blessings!

with love and thanks for you, 


21 thoughts on “FFF – catch-up

  1. Melanie says:

    Hi, Kathie, I was looking through your book section here and I came across “The Long Winter”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read that one! Besides Miss Read, our reading taste seems much alike!


  2. Deb Girotti says:

    Kathie, enjoyed reading the newspaper article and forwarded it over to Tom’s computer so he could read it. Also….love the family pic!!! Sarah looks like you in this picture!!! Amazing. Love the grandgirlie pic, too! She’s growing!!!


  3. annelliese says:

    The Sunday morning dress up pictures always get to me. We really made it special!Love your family photo! And the rest too! Congratualtions on 25 years of service.


  4. SUCH a great newspaper article! I loved reading it. And the photo of the family is just wonderful. I particularly like the untied shoe. So dear.'Grandgirlie' is such a great word! I've not heard it anywhere else.Your photos are really professional quality. I had never heard of Jean Hersey, but I found this, which you might enjoy: mentions Orleans, Mass, where Gladys had her Cape Cod house- Still Cove. I can't help but think that she and Gladys knew one another or at least knew of each other. Thank you for mentioning her. I'll look for her work.


  5. Love the family photo…and the untied shoe!I adore LIW simple books for girls…they really do give a good picture (without too much harshness) of what it was like then. If you want to win some picture books or the set for your little granddaughter, I'm having a giveaway for them. πŸ™‚ Sounds like you have your own set! The Long Winter is a hard one to read though…Have a great week!


  6. Congratulations on 25 years of service! Love the picture of your family back a few years.Your fall flowers are just lovely. Things are starting to die out around here. We've had such back and forth weather. Today we're in for wind gusting about 110 km again. I'm sure whatever is left will be blown away.


  7. It's good to be back in the usual routine again posting on Fridays. I have always been a fan of Gladys Tabor and her Stillmeadow books. I'll have to pull my copy out and reread it. The Long Winter? Oh yes, it give me chills. Lovely photos as usual–love those fall leaves, the grandgirlie and of course that old old family photo.


  8. Jill says:

    I am shocked that our grands have hit the half year mark, are sitting ( and weirdly standing up simetimes-yikes!) and getting cuter every day. Miss J is beautiful!Roger and Bernie really must fly fish together some day. I think that would motivate Bernie even more to visit PEI.


  9. What great photos, as always! I like your choice of night-time reading. I think I should re-read all of those Laura Ingalls Wilder books…my favorites way back when. Sweet six-month-old grandgirlie!


  10. Beautiful fall pics. I can hardly believe you still have those flowers growing and no frost yet! Your grandgirl is so cute. Grands are simply The Best! Loved the family photo. The lil boy didn't get his shoe tied before church. Sweet!


  11. I enjoyed every single photo this week! (but then again, I always do!!) I especially like your family pic from 21 yrs ago and those gorgeous and cheerful flowers in the teacup! Your granddaughter is gorgeous, too and getting so BIG!! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and enjoy your ministry anniversary!


  12. Love the family photo from years ago! I read the newspaper article about you and your husband's 25 years of ministry at the same church. Truly, an accomplishment in today's world! Your hubby sounds like a very wise minister, indeed.May you continue to minister for many more years!On a different note, I love to reread all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. I remember The Long Winter very well.


  13. Loved reading this and browsing the photos you shared! Little Josie is such a princess in pink!I read the newspaper article and am truly so thankful with your church for your faithfulness to the flock…that is such a milestone!What a great celebration it will be…enjoy every moment of well-deserved love and fellowship!Beautiful family…yes, the daughter-in-loves are included in my mind as I read this…they are now an integral part of your family!Blessings as you celebrate!love,Joanne


  14. Kathy says:

    Congrats on 25 years !! Our beloved Pastor has been at our church about 30 years. What a blessing he has been. We have 3rd and 4th generations attending.


  15. What a neat photo! And the article was great. I loved what your husband said about adapting to the times without changing the message. Looks like you've both kept that balance nicely, and it sounds like you've got a wonderful reputation and testimony there.Our fall actually started a little early. I'm hoping it doesn't go by too fast and usher winter in early as well.


  16. That final photo is a treasure. I love how you do fall on PEI πŸ™‚ The colors are so vibrant and eye-catching. Can hardly believe your girlie is so big. Adorable.p.s. thanks for the alert — I checked the link and it seems to be working now.


  17. Hi Kathie, I enjoyed your photos this week. The one of your granddaughter is so sweet. What a cutie she is! They grow up so fast. I have never read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books but always enjoyed the tv show Little House on the Prairie. Fall is moving along here and it's been very beautiful as far as colour goes. The winds and rains have taken a lot of leaves though and there are some bare branches in the landscape now. ;( I hope you have a good weekend. Blessings on your 25th anniversary of ministering in Belfast! That is quite a milestone!


  18. It's good to be back in the usual routine again posting on Fridays. I have always been a fan of Gladys Tabor and her Stillmeadow books. I'll have to pull my copy out and reread it. The Long Winter? Oh yes, it give me chills. Lovely photos as usual–love those fall leaves, the grandgirlie and of course that old old family photo.


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