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fff mid-November

Can you believe it’s mid-November already? It will be Christmas before we know it.

Many things to be thankful for this week and I’m joining in with Susanne at Living To Tell The Story as we make our blessing lists.

1. We’ve had some downright unseasonably warm and sunshiny days – perfect for an afternoon walk along the beach with my beach loving, camera-toting friend, Rinda.

The tide was low

and out on the sandbars, wind and waves had formed a repetitive pattern of rippling sand.

Very cool close-up – like minature mountain ridges and valleys.

 2. The day was far too lovely to end with a beach walk – so we added a woods walk as well.

We surprised a  snowshoe hare. Notice his coat beginning to change from summer brown to winter white.

A tasty discovery – a  patch of wild cranberries hidden in the long grass. We gathered a few to take home.

But we left the rosehips for the squirrels and birds.

On the way home, I had to stop the car to capture the sunset 

and just at that moment, a flock of wild geese flew overhead ~ a glorious end to a lovely November day. 

3. It’s not all walks and rambles here at A Sparrow’s Home ~ there’s all sorts of homey tasks and chores as we get ready for winter.

(I don’t know where Roger is in this picture – it’s not like him to leave the saw in the wood šŸ™‚

The woodshed is filled, the potatoes are dug and the garden is cleaned up. Jams and pickles are lined up on the basement shelves and the apples are stored away in the cold room. 

It was a beautiful apple crop at the orchard this year ~ large, juicy and oh so sweet!

Time to get making some pies for the freezer! Speaking of baking, there’s been a lot of that happening since the weather turned cooler.  Cookies, brownies, muffins and home-made bread help keep the grocery bills down and taste so much better.

We haven’t had store-bought bread since August. I like to make it and everyone likes to eat it!

I’m thankful that we have a full woodshed and food “aplenty” for the winter. It’s a good feeling.

4. We had our first heavy frost last week. It was a wee bit sad to see my poor hydrangeas go from this

to this

šŸ˜¦  Oh well . . . they will add “interest to the winter garden”, as the gardening magazines put it.

I was really glad that we got our bulbs planted the day before the frost. 

We planted a variety of bulbs in the flowerbeds and little crocuses here and there in the yard – I’m already smiling at the thought of them next spring.

A good job done!

5. The best for last

A little grandgirlie came to spend the morning with us. She had some “new to her” toys to explore.

A doggie to watch – she was so interested in Sophie.

Some cereal to eat – “I can do it myself Nannie!”

A playtime with Grampy

and a phone call from Mummy ~ such a dear little expression on her face as she listened to her mother’s voice.

And guess what? Tomorrow I get to spend another morning with her. John is away on tour and Kathleen teaches a Pilates class. I’m so happy to babysit.

I’m glad you came by for a visit – hope your weekend overflows with blessing.

with love and thanks for you,


19 thoughts on “fff mid-November

  1. Susan L says:

    Hi Kathie, I just thought of your blog way over there in your beautiful part of the world and stopped by (after being away for far too long). And you have a grandbaby! So much fun! Congratulations. The rest is beauitfully consistent. Lovely home, lovely photos, lovely thoughts, grateful spirit. Blessings to you!


  2. Where to begin? Every single photo is stunning, especially the sands and the sunset! Just amazing!And of course, your little Josie is the brightest and the sweetest photo of them all!So lovely!Thanks for sharing!Joanne


  3. Hello Kathie, way over there on the complete opposite side of the North American continent! I always find such lovely photos whenever I visit here of your beautiful part of the land and am sorry I don't leave comments very often these days. However, I do think of you whenever I look at my bookshelf with the children's stories on it because there is a volume of the Five Little Peppers, which I first heard about here on your blog way back when. So of course, you and they seem forever linked in my mind! Your little granddaughter is certainly a cutie pie. I know she must be a real joy to you. Blessings to you!


  4. The rippled shoe is so beautiful. I could study and study it. I think the faded hydrangea is beautiful. Have you ever seen them put into the Christmas tree?I first saw the double loaves you make here. Now I make them too. Thank you!Oh, the grandbaby! Nothing like them. Enjoy your time. (I know you will!)


  5. anneliese says:

    Those are just the greatest moments captured once more. Love the bread rising in the pans! And the tiny jacket on the coatstand is a sign of a special visit indeed.


  6. It looks like another wonderful week for you. I love the picture of the sand shaped into ridges, I definitely would have been photographing that too.Cooler weather does make one want to bake. What a collection of loaf pans you have!Your grandgirlie is growing so quickly. It is fantastic that you live close enough to babysit.


  7. Jill says:

    Oh I needed this sweet interlude..a ramble about in the outdoor beauty and homey comforts of family gathered in happy times. Luke has a similar "new to him" toy at our house . Isn't it fun to watch them explore the options and sounds.


  8. OH i love all your pictures again!! and that grandbaby is just so cute…she is getting so big!! I especially love the one of your husband and her…just precious!! It must be a good feeling to have baked all your own bread! i need to do that more often this winter. It just tastes SOOOO much better! Enjoy your weekend!


  9. What a beautiful walk at the sea and these sandbanks are just stunning ! I will see my little grandson over the weekend. He celebrates his second birthday ! Already, your little grandgirlie is so cute ! also bald as our Toby was, now he has blond hairs ! We have to drive to Amsterdam but it is not so far from Brussels only 2 h.


  10. butterfly wishes wonderland dreams says:

    what a wonderful week you had! beautiful amazing pictures!!!! did you post your bread recipe? Off to look over your blog for it šŸ™‚


  11. Your pictures are amazing! I would love a loaf of that fresh-baked bread right now with a stick of butter to go with it. :)Your grandbaby is just adorable; what sweet little cheeks!


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