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Five favourites on a Friday!

1.Did you know that if your dog is sprayed by a skunk,  baking soda pasted on wet fur (nose plugged please) and dosed with vinegar really does take away the stink? Also very impressive to watch it foam.

Make sure you don’t get it in puppy’s eyes. (Sophie, you should be thanking me for that, not sulking on your bed!)

And don’t forget the camera for a blog post (how did I miss that blog op?!)

2. Did you know that “it’s fun to fly?” says Sarah.  (Sorry for the grainy cell phone picture – but you get the idea!)

Wizard of Oz opens tonight (Thursday)

A flying monkey, a munchkin, a fly-by, stand-in for the Wicked Witch and a citizen of Oz – Sarah has a busy week ahead!

I’m heading to the opening tonight and going again with the whole family on closing night – fun times!

3. Did you know it takes 150 pictures to get two passable pictures of a band? Goodness! I don’t think I’ll ever say yes to a wedding. And I’m very thankful for digital cameras!

The solemn pose

I’m still not pleased with the harsh shadows from indoor lighting but my models are cute 🙂

The smiling pose

4. Did you know  Blue Jays don’t like black sunflower seeds much? They’ll eat them, but they don’t empty the feeder in a day like they do when it’s filled with a corn mixture.

I’m thankful I discovered this because the jays were so greedy that I had almost given up filling this feeder!

Chickadees love black sunflower seeds!

5. Did you know that watching the birds is really. fun. I’m so thankful to enjoy something that is so simple, inexpensive, and constantly entertaining, interesting and beautiful. And right outside my window!

Black-capped chickadee

Hairy woodpecker

Black-capped chickadee

American Goldfinch

Red-breasted nuthatch

Male and female purple finch

Common redpoll

but watching a sweet grandbaby is best of all! Of course!

I hope you enjoyed my favourites this week. Thank you so much for dropping in for a visit!

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS – for more Friday Fun, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

11 thoughts on “fff – did you know?

  1. Susanne says:

    Nothing common at all about that little redpoll, he is cute! I always wondered why they add the word common to names. I love all your bird pictures and if it wasn't for a certain feline who is all too adept at catching our feathered friends I would love to have bird feeders. Love the snuggles you are getting with that adorable grandbaby of yours.


  2. Kim says:

    Kathie, your bird photos just get better and better! Incredible!Hmm, do jays from different parts of PEI prefer different foods? Because my horde of jays demolish any amount of black-oil sunflower seeds I put out! I finally got smart and loaded up a tube feeder so the chickadees could get some. The jays will clear my tray in minutes, and they don't eat all of them. I did just put some corn out and the jays seem to like that, too.I will keep in mind your skunk remedy. Ruby knows better; Sophie has yet to encounter one!


  3. I noticed my mixed sunflower seeds are only half gone. The chickadees love the black oil seeds and leave behind the striped ones! So, I emptied the striped ones on the ground for the squirrels and blue jays and refilled the feeder with the mix. The next bag will be black oil seeds for sure! I hung the feeder on the clothes line away from the squirrels. They get the leftovers and a few handfuls that I toss out to them. Your bird photos are beautiful. I had common redpolls here today.


  4. Barbara H. says:

    That reminds me I need to refill my bird feeder. Thanks for the tip about the seeds! I just put out some suet but they haven't found it yet.Are all those feeders yours? Wow, that's a lot! But good for a lot of visitors.I didn't know that about baking soda and vinegar for skunk smells, either. I'd always heard tomato juice worked for that but that would be so messy and stain whatever you were wearing.I love the smile and no smile pictures. I love our "outtakes" almost as much as the nicely posed ones.Oz sounds like ti will be a lot of fun.


  5. Faith says:

    that's funny you mention the blue jays because I've noticed that since my husband bought the LARGE bag of JUST SUNFLOWER SEEDS i have LESS blue jays now and more finches, woodpeckers, cardinals, and nuthatches!! I miss the jays! LOL…I tend to buy the kind for "colorful birds" which is a mix. We literally just realized that this week! I also love watching the birds at the feeder especially in the late afternoon after work. In the warmer months, they tend to gather there during our dinner time so we have some entertainment right outside our dining room window! That grandbaby sure is beautiful. ENJOY!


  6. Jerri says:

    I've never taken pictures of a band, but I do know it takes many many pictures of a family to get something everyone is happy with …. I don't think I accomplished it this year. I do thank God for digital cameras – how did we ever survive before they came along?Love that sweet photo of you and your grandgirlie.


  7. ellen b says:

    What a great variety of birds come to your feeders! Love it. Poor doggy and ugh about that smell. Glad your remedy worked.Yes, grandgirlie is the best for sure!


  8. anneliese says:

    Your photos are beautiful as always! I don't know how you get those boys to sit still, never mind the birds!Food is also not always easy, even though it sits still. Maybe babies are the easiest!


  9. Jill says:

    Oh dear…skunk encounter this late in the year?maybe it was Skunky Claus!Your bird pictures blow me away! Our feeder hasn't been getting much traffic, or perhaps I am not watching while the birds visit.Here's three cheap-o tops to avoid harsh inside flash photo shadows:1. Use a single layer of white Kleenex on the front if your popped up flash. Just smear a bit of water on the flash lens and the tissue will stick. The tissue diffuses the light. I don't think I would do a lot of rapid fire shooting as the light could overheat the tissue but give it a try and touch check the heats. I do this as needed in unplanned shoots…toilet paper works too. Try double layers too.2. eBay sells pop up light diffuser bags. Basically a white fabric sewn in the "face" of a stiff plastic hood and elastic around the neck to hold it in place over the flash. Camera stores sell various versions for under $10 so you can either get crafty or buy.3. Use a plastic water or milk jug to cut out a form to go in front of the flash. Google "milk jug plastic light diffuser" for some directions.


  10. Niki says:

    We have been putting Nyger seed in the feeder, it's seems to disappear instantly! That baby is absolutely adorable…blessings,Niki


  11. susan says:

    I sure like the looks of the red breasted nuthatch. I wonder if I'd get such a variety of birds if I put up a feeder. (I live in an apt complex.)I agree watching a grand baby is best of all. How wonderful to have the opportunities to do so on a regular basis.The smiling pose of the band made me smile. Wow – your Sarah is quite busy. But it looks worth it since she gets to fly in that seat-thingee.have a good week, Kathie.


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