“When one considers the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth it becomes quite clear that God’s ways are not what any human would naturally choose. Humans always desire what is comfortable, convenient, and explainable.

We often think God should act in ways that make sense to us without leaving unanswered questions.

God is not concerned with our comfort, convenience, and unanswered questions about what, and why, His will is what it is.

A significant part of death to self

  in order for Christ to rule in your life

  is to lay down any hope of understanding God’s infinite, all-wise ways.

Who can grasp the expanse of the heavens or count the grains of sand on the oceans’ shores plus the world’s deserts? That would be easier than understanding God’s sovereign ways. 

He accomplishes His will by His Spirit for His glory with infinite love, and He answers to no one for the way He chooses.

Peace comes when we leave it all quietly in His loving hands with complete trust. He is working all things together in the best possible way for His purpose . . .”

From A Disciple’s Notebook (well worth your time to read the rest of this Christmas devotional.)    

This excerpt comes from a beautiful website that Sarah and I enjoy. She shared this particular passage with me.

Isn’t it sweet when your children encourage and build you up in your faith? The Lord is so good.

I hope this blesses you today, as it has blessed me.


5 thoughts on “of peace

  1. Beautiful post Kathie. A good friend of ours passed away suddenly last Sunday at the age of 55. We are still wondering at God's purpose and timing of his early demise. God's will and timing are perfect. Our understanding is so small. Blessings, Pamela


  2. Joanne says:

    So good! Love the photos that you shared with it!Just so perfect!Thanks Sarah and Kathie!


  3. ellen b says:

    This is good stuff for sure. God sent Jesus into the world that was anything but peaceful and under a ruler that would love to have seen Jesus dead and in fact tried to kill him by killing so many "innocents". Why do we think everything is suppose to be comfortable and nice for us all the time. God's ways are not our ways for sure…


  4. Lorna says:

    Thank you Kathie (and Sarah) :>). xoxo PS Loved the sweet picture of John and Josie.


  5. Joanne says:

    So good! Love the photos that you shared with it!Just so perfect!Thanks Sarah and Kathie!


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