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Celebrations galore this week! I’m listing my favourite moments, along with Susanne and the gang at Living To Tell The Story.

1. A very special birthday ~ someone turned 30!

but can someone tell me how it happened? Wasn’t it yesterday he looked this?

Rob_11mos_blog3The ornament gives it away – that first Christmas really was 1982 . . .


Happy birthday sweetheart – you, and our sweet dil, Dorothy, bring us so much happiness!


We love you!


Josie was completely mesmerized by the birthday hat! She wouldn’t stop staring. 🙂

2. Raspberry Trifle was requested – a perfect, celebration dessert!


So pretty and delicious. Recipe coming soon ~ promise.

3. Another celebration ~ a baby shower for a sweet, almost mama! Julie is due this Sunday.

Julie_shower2_blogWe don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl – so we guessed!

Julie_shower_blogPretty lips for a girl and a moustache for a boy. It’s pretty evenly split, but I think we’re leaning toward a boy!

4. Sarah is having a ball performing in the Wizard of Oz this week.

Sarah_wizardShe plays many roles but here she is as a citizen of Oz.

Wizard2and a “flying alternate” for the Wicked Witch of the West. On the right is our niece Rachel – she plays a Munchkin mayor.

I attended the opening show last week and I’m going to the final performance on Saturday night –  this time with the whole family. It’s been an exhausting exciting week for Sarah and Rachel. It’s a good thing Christmas is coming soon – it will help with the post performace slump!

5. I guess this last favourite is not really a celebration  (well, maybe just for me and all the other wives haha!) But I know Roger would like to see a hunting picture. Here he is with his buddies, Justin and Peter, heading out on the final day of hunting season.

hunting_boysIf you knew how much Roger appreciated dogs, you’d get a kick out of this next picture.

Roger_dogsFor some reason, dogs love him even if the affection is not returned with the same fervour! 🙂


Handsome pup!

And now a final reason to celebrate – our oldest son, Andrew, is coming home from the UK for Christmas! We’ll really miss our dear dil, Hyekoo, but she couldn’t get the time off from her work.

Andrew arrives Monday and he’ll get to meet his niece for the first time!


Thanks so much for joining me in this week’s Fave 5!

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS  A contest – answer the following questions:

  1. is your shopping all done?
  2. are your presents all wrapped?
  3. are your cookies all baked?

If you answered yes to the following questions, you’re the lucky winner!!

and here’s your prize . . . you get to come and help me finish mine!

jk but I wish I wasn’t!

10 thoughts on “fff ~ celebrations

  1. susan says:

    I just looked at a raspberry trifle recipe today. I’ve never had one, but it sure looks tasty.

    I love the lip and mustache guessers. I will have to tuck tht idea away for a future event.

    Kathie, I hope by now you are feeling more ready for Christmas. I am not ready. And I won’t worry about it until this weekend b/c work is just sooooo busy right now. It will all get done though as it always does. 😉


  2. Well, you sure had a lot of good things going on this week. Sounds like a fun Christmas for you. Love the pic of that dog.


  3. Marg says:

    Looks like so many wonderful reasons to celebrate….kids coming home…new babies to be born, dogs and husbands, and live drama with your family involved. I love that musical. We are off to see, The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe with our grands today. And NO!!!! I have not completed any of those tasks..they will all get done… Last night we enjoyed being entertained by a harpist and I immediately thought of you.


  4. Faith says:

    love your happiness that just shines through with your pictures and words! that's neat that you are welcoming another baby soon AND……how awesome that your son gets to be home for Christmas. I'm guessing the Sarah is your youngest daughter…MY youngest daughter (an 8th grader) just won a spot in her school's spring musical and they are doing WIZARD OF OZ!! she is a Crow and in the chorusline. It is always a busy but exciting time.Yes I am done shopping. Yes I am done wrapping. NO I am NOT done baking…i've only made one batch of cookies which I gave to my dad and one batch of fudge which my youngest and hubby polished off so I need to make more before my oldest returns home from college!Have a happy weekend!!


  5. Willow says:

    Why is it that animals cuddle up to the one person who doesn't like them?Happy Birthday to your boy! Aren't you SO excited to have all the kids home for Christmas (except for the one dil)? We'll be together and we did not expect it!Yes, I think the boys have it–it will be interesting to find out who is right and who is wrong 🙂


  6. Susanne says:

    Love the mustache and lips idea. So cute. Happy birthday to your son! His birthday food choice looks delectable! Yummy! And how excited must you be to see your other son and have him home for Christmas!


  7. Lorna says:

    Please say "hi" to Andrew from us. That is such wonderful news :>)


  8. ellen b says:

    Oh so much joy shared here. How wonderful that uncle will meet his niece soon! Blessings…


  9. Barbara H. says:

    Those performances can be both exhausting and exhilarating! Glad they're going well — sounds like fun!A very happy birthday to your Rob! My oldest will be 30 in 2 years — I don't know how it happens, either! Little Josie is so cute looking at the hat.That's so neat that your son in the UK will be able to come home!I can sympathize with your husband — I am not much of a dog lover and would be totally grossed out but one licking me anywhere, especially on the face. You know how Lucy in Peanuts runs around yelling "Dog Germs!" when Snoopy kisses her? That's me.


  10. Susanne says:

    Love the mustache and lips idea. So cute. Happy birthday to your son! His birthday food choice looks delectable! Yummy! And how excited must you be to see your other son and have him home for Christmas!


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