1. January thaw – What a change one week can bring! Last week’s frigid cold and biting north wind morphed to rain and a wild south wind with temperatures around 12C-50F.  The ground is completely bare except along the edges of fields and ditches and  snowpiles left from clearing snow away.

Why, it’s been so warm that Josie, and her little friend Hazel, went for their first dip! Indoors, of course 🙂

Don’t they look cute in their bathing suits?

And in case you’re wondering why I start almost every Friday Fave 5 with a comment on the weather,check out this article – it’s a Canadian thing! 

2. I first heard about Meyer lemons from Beth. Can you imagine growing your own lemon tree? It sounds very exotic to this Northerner! I really wanted to try them but I never saw them in our local stores until this week. I was excited! I’m told they’re sweeter than ordinary lemons and have a floral taste with a hint of lime. 

I pulled out my favourite lemon recipe – lemon pudding cake – and Meyer lemons didn’t disappoint. It was delicious! 

Meyer lemon water is very refreshing too.

I have a few lemons left and Jody’s Lemon Cloud Pie is next on my baking list. 

3.  Free audio books and podcasts. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy baking? While I bake, I listen to books and podcasts. This week I enjoyed What Katy Did from Librivox and an inspiring Discipleship As You Go podcast about C S Lewis’s prayer life – highly recommended! Part 1 and 2 are up and I’m eagerly waiting the next instalment. 

This week’s baking are all tried and true favourites – Sugar cookies, Nannie’s Boiled Raisin cake and Lovella‘s mother in law Pauline’s, Whole Wheat bread (pictured tucked up under a cosy quilt to rise). 

4.  Roger and I finally saw Les Miserables last night. I loved it. I cried. About a third of the way into the movie, Roger whispers to me “You didn’t tell me this was a musical . . .”  ( I wondered why he agreed to come along)

5. And here’s my final favourite, this stunning sunrise. 

All the sunrise pictures taken from our yard are over the graveyard. Makes me think of resurrection morning. The early birds got the worm, um . .  feeder, that morning too! 🙂 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Friday Fave 5 list this week. Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS More Friday Favourite fun at Susanne’s blog, Living To Tell The Story.

11 thoughts on “fff ~ this & that

  1. Deb Girotti says:

    I’m late getting to your Fave Five this week, but I love seeing all your baking and that beautiful sunset! And, of course, little Josie. She would be my fave every Friday! 🙂


  2. nikkipolani says:

    I do remember your raisin cake recipe — loved it. I may try to make a gluten-free version some time. Gorgeous sunrise.


  3. Willow says:

    It is fun to have your own lemons available for the picking. We have lemon, orange and avocado trees in our neighborhood garden. My TA gives me meyers lemons by the bagful. Our citrus trees are one of the benefits of living in a warmer climate.BEAUTIFUL sunrise!And beautiful little girls too.


  4. Susanne says:

    How about the weather changing in a couple of hours? With Southern Alberta’s infamous chinooks that is totally plausible and well worth chatting about! LOL. And it always seems you’re weather in the east is always on a different swing than our weather over here. So it makes for good conversation. Itend to talk about weather a whole lot on the blog too.

    What cute bathing beauties!

    I have never seen Meyer Lemons here but I see it’s President’s Choice brand in a prepackaged bag so I’ll have to keep my out for that next grocery shopping trip. I definitely want to try that yummy recipe. I don’t think I ever did the last time you posted it.


  5. Barbara H. says:

    What a couple of cuties at the top!

    I like to listen to audiobooks sometimes while working in the kitchen, too. I’m currently listening through Jan Karon’s Mitford series.

    I haven’t seen Les Mis yet. I want to — I’ve read the book and seen the 10th anniversary special about the musical, but want to see the current one, too.

    What an absolutely gorgeous sunrise!


  6. Beth says:

    Yay for Meyer lemons! And that sunrise – stunning!

    I’m looking forward to listening to the C.S. Lewis podcasts. You bake, I sew. Always looking for something good to listen to while my hands are busy.

    Love you, dearheart.


  7. Faith Turner says:

    oh how cute your granddaughter and her friend are in those suits!!yay for warmer temps altho this morning we are back to 16 F. brrr…..and just a light dusting of snow..but sun!!i LOVE meyers lemons. we finally have a store in the area that sells them (The Fresh Market). i love them in just about anything but especially as slices in my iced tea or water. YUM!!! your sunrise pics are stunning. Thanks for sharing them. I love nature!!!!!! God has done marvelous work, hasn’t He?


  8. Karen says:

    Your photos are beautiful. I’ve not tried Meyer’s lemons, but have heard about them. I’ll have to see if our stores carry them. Josie and Hazel are such cuties!


  9. Judy says:

    Wow…what a beautiful morning sky! And your baking looks fabulous. I keep hearing about Meyer lemons but have not come across them in the local stores.

    Love the January swimsuit models!


  10. ellen b says:

    Your Josie and little Hazel in their suits made me smile real big…in January no less…It was pretty common to have lemon trees in our back yards growing up in southern California. My brother also had a Meyer lemon tree. Those were the days. The university I attended my first year was surrounded by orange tree groves and everyone fell in love in the Spring just from the lovely orange blossom fragrance that filled the air.Hope you have a lovely weekend enjoying all those wonderful things you created in your kitchen!!


  11. Laura says:

    Those sunrise pictures took my breath away! I’ll have to look for Meyer lemons. I’ve never heard of them, but they sound great. Wasn’t Les Mis wonderful??Love those little girl swimsuits!Have a great week.


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