10 thoughts on “Paper Lions and friends

    • Kathie Macphee says:

      Hi NanGlad you enjoy it – I love it too!My boys are the ones who come in after the guy with the long beard – there’s 4 of them in the band – my sons are on each end.


  1. Joanne says:

    love, love, love it!♥Only wish I was there to see it live….such a great song and such a great group of young people!


  2. Debbie Z. says:

    I loved the video. So inspiring and uplifting, Kathie. It made my day! So glad your sons were a part of this talented group.


  3. I just happened by your blog and watched this with a smile and tears — so much bad news about young people these days and these talented young people just made my day!


  4. anneliese says:

    I sat here in fron of my screen with a big smile on my face and a shiver here and there. An old song I had forgottten about …so well done! I love it!!!


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