A walk in the woods with Sophie

and a discovery

The Lady Slipper is Prince Edward Island’s provincial flower. It is a type of orchid and  grows in shady, damp, woodland areas. I have found clusters of two or three growing in the deep woods behind our church, but I’ve never seen as many as I did in this woods.

There were hundreds! 

Most of them were pink, but here and there, I spotted the less common white variety.

There are two other types of lady slipper that grow on the Island – the Showy Lady Slipper and the most elusive, the Yellow Lady Slipper. I found the Showy variety once before, but this year I’m hoping to track down the Yellow Lady Slipper. I’ve heard  they grow in the Monticello area, on the eastern tip of the island, and I’m planning a trek up that way this week.

Hope to be back with pictures! 

8 thoughts on “woodland loveliness

  1. Susanne says:

    Look at , what a find! Do they throw seeds to replant? Can they be transplanted into your garden?


    1. Kathie Macphee says:

      They’re really tricky to replant – you would have to dig up a fair bit of their surroundings as they need a fungus to grow. It’s not recommended as they usually die.


  2. Sommer says:

    Oh, how lovely!


  3. janis says:

    The pink ones look like a ballet!


  4. Kim says:

    My, but they are beautiful. I’ve seen a few on my walks but not in such numbers. Great photos!


  5. ellen b says:

    Beautiful walk and discoveries!!


  6. Judy says:

    Woodland loveliness at it’s finest! Who knew that lady slippers belonged to the orchid family? Now I see the resemblance. B.C.’s official flower is the dogwood…also putting on a show right now.


  7. Rosella Leis says:

    Beautiful!! They look like a pair of ballet slippers (especially your last picture)! We are enjoying the woodlands on the other coast right now – so amazing. Not sure what BC’s official Provincial flower is – I’ll have to look that up. Have a great day!


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