Our intrepid WWW (wild Wednesday women minus one) group set out on a quest to find the elusive yellow lady slipper .

We hunted all along the banks of this lovely stream but there were no lady slippers of any kind – pink or yellow.

1.  The absence of lady slippers didn’t ruin our day though. Sunshine, blue sky and good company were enough for us. We wandered along the riverbank, took pictures and even did some wading. The water was surprisingly warm.

2. We had some adventures involving log bridges, bogs, disappearing trails and boot-sucking mud. Oh my – lots of laughter echoed up and down that riverbank! Good thing we weren’t bird-watching.

3. This lovely wild iris growing along the riverbank helped console us for the lack of lady slippers.

4. Afterwards, we headed to Naufrage Harbour where we enjoyed a well-earned picnic lunch.

The view from the cliff-top was breathtaking.

White fishing boats headed into the harbour while gulls circled overhead.

5. And a special thrill for this amateur photographer – a bald eagle swooping over the sea.

Well, that was a fun adventure! Hope you enjoyed it too.

Happy weekend!

with love,

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14 thoughts on “of flowers, friends and birds in flight

  1. Susan says:

    What a great name for your group, Wild Women Wednesday. How awesome to have a group of gals to do life with whether or not you find your intended goal. Loved the photos, it was a great vicarious hike without the mud – I am sure I would have slipped too.


  2. What an amazing photo of the eagle! I had to chuckle when I saw the mud-covered pic. I hope the camera survived! 🙂


  3. Susanne says:

    How exciting you caught a picture of a bald eagle! Looks like it was a perfect day with great company doing fun things!


  4. Barbara H. says:

    What lovely views! Sounds like a fun outing. Love that iris.


  5. Jill says:

    Hurrah for wild women and their friends with cameras! PEI rivers and shorelines can never be explored, enjoyed or photographed too often. Someday…I want to do see it all in person too.


  6. Gattina says:

    Beautiful place, you must have had a lot of fun, had to laugh about the picture with your friend (or yourself) in the mud !


    1. Kathie Macphee says:

      Not me Gattina! I was behind the camera in all these shots!


  7. Kim says:

    Looks like everyone had fun on a beautiful day! Great shots of the eagle!


  8. Firstly, I love your lupine header! So pretty! Then, let me tell you I was envious of your WWW outing. How wonderful to be able to hang with a like minded group of friends! I wish I could do that. After reading to the end though I lost my envy and became happy to see you all having so much fun together. Just seeing it made me happy.


  9. I did enjoy your woodland adventure! What a pretty little river. The view of the water is amazing as is the bald eagle. You certainly got a great picture of it! Have a happy Canada Day weekend! Rain and all. 😦 Blessings, Pam


  10. nikkipolani says:

    Glorious day out! Except for that one poor soul who slipped — did she have a change of clothes?!


    1. Kathie Macphee says:

      No she didn’t have a change but she’s the best sport ever! Not a word of complaint – she only made me promise not to tag her on facebook! haha


  11. Jody says:

    That WAS a fun adventure. Good catch getting that bald eagle.


  12. marg says:

    Kathy, I loved this post…this was the best…when a group of ladies get out in the wilderness and explore and slip and slide and just enjoy acting a little bit wild. Enjoy the precious life that you have.


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