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Beauty and blessings

Ah . . . summertime! Bursting with beauty and blessings!

So many favourites!

Here’s a few for Friday’s Favourite Five with Susanne. 

1. Jam-making is all done ~ 37 bottles of cooked jam and 20 containers of crushed berries all tucked away in the deep freezer.

2. Fun in the pool with Josie!

3. Extended family gatherings

4. A WWW outing – is it Wacky or Wild Wednesday Women? I think we’ll go with wacky this week!

5. Our beautiful Island summer – what a gift to live on an Island surrounded by miles of beaches.

Basinhead, a popular beach on the eastern tip of the Island, was named the #1 beach in Canada this week. The guarded swimming area can be a little crowded, but further down, the beach is empty. You could walk for hours with only the sound of waves and the cry of gulls for company.

I’ll say goodbye with this glorious sunset.

Thank you so much for dropping in for a Friday visit.

Hope your summer is overflowing with beauty and blessings!

with love and thanks for you,

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7 thoughts on “Beauty and blessings

  1. anneliese says:

    Isn’t it crazy to think that while you see the Atlantic I see the Pacific? I love the banks and grassy knols coming up to the sand. Beautiful place for sure!


  2. GORGEOUS photos! my in laws and niece’s parents are visiting your island this weekend as my niece has a summer job there and has been in vet school up there. They are having a great time I’m sure on your beautiful island. Your granddaughter is precious and it is awesome to be making family memories. You asked what Bible app I just started using. It is Youversion and I LOVE it. It has reading plans for personal devotions,etc and just about any translation you can think of. I’ve been using the ESV and really like it as does my Gordon girl 🙂 have a blessed weekend enjoying that ocean breeze.


  3. BEAUTIFUL beach pictures!! Love those gatherings with family and friends. I love Brooke Fraser, and that song too, Kathie! The sunset picture is particularly breathtaking. Hope you have a great week ahead!


  4. a gathering of days says:

    What a summer it’s been so far. We have had crazy heat and humidity and are feeling very fortunate to live close to the sea where at least we get a breeze. I love family gatherings. They are always so much fun. Your sunset shot is beautiful.Kara @that’


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