9 thoughts on “A Prince Edward Island Adventure

  1. Thanks for the tour. Can’t wait to see it in person someday 🙂 Joyce


  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for taking me on a tour of PEI…LOVED it…Have a blessed
    Love fromNC


  3. Nan says:

    That was SO much fun. My husband and I just watched and were very pleased to see empty beautiful beaches just as they were when we were last :<(( there in 1997. And the countryside. There's nothing like it.


  4. marg says:

    That was a great video…Those boys have certainly highlighted some great spots.


  5. ellen b says:

    That was a lot of fun!


  6. Lorna says:

    That was awesome :>)


  7. Kathie says:

    PS – so glad you made it here!


  8. Kathie says:

    It was a little bit naughty of me – sorry about that Jody 🙂


  9. Jody says:

    I made it over to your new blog. I was sad you were ending…. but you aren’t after all!


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