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of songs and memories

My boys’ new album My Friends will be released on Aug 20th. Listen to the preview here.

The album is wonderfully evocative ~ our family history set to music. “Listening to the parents talk” – our family trip to Philly. “The bodies in the winter are coming for you” – the boys played near the small morgue in the church graveyard next to our home. “The laughing camera shakes” – making the funniest ever home videos. “For the last time we arrive” our old farmhouse in the hills of Hartsville, PEI. “We build sandcastles knowing that they wash away” – all our happy summers spent with cousins on the Island’s beaches.

The lyrics bring me to tears one moment and laughter the next. And the harmonies? Well… a family who sings together is both a prayer and dream come true for this mama. Listening to my children sing is the best kind of happy.

paper12I took this photo at Sarah’s 7th birthday – she’s wearing the big grin and James is in the background with his hand on his hip. If the band makes it big with this album, I’ll be looking for a cut 🙂


10 thoughts on “of songs and memories

  1. They’re going to be in your area this fall Ellen – and yours too Jill. Their tour dates are on the website. Can’t guarantee the show will be early though 🙂


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