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FFF~summertime round-up

Favourites on a Friday

1.Wacky Wednesday Women adventures ~ we have serious fun every week!

www_collage2. A Gaggle of Girls – the annual gathering of my childhood girlfriends. An afternoon and evening of catching up, remembering when, laughing til our stomachs hurt and good food! Thanks for hosting Marlene!

montague_girls3. A family wedding ~ our beautiful niece, Lindsay, married her sweetheart Ben.

Lyn and ben2Roger conducted the wedding ceremony in Hartsville church – his great, great grandparents were part of the Scottish immigrant community that built the church in 1845.

Hartsville church4.  Josie time made this an extra special summer.She’s old enough now to spend the day with Nannie and Gramp and, boy, did we enjoy that! Walks along the boardwalk, beach time, pool time, stories, songs, campfires, and, of course, ice cream treats were favourites. And we can’t forget photo shoots because you’ve got to record the memories right? 🙂

Josie_aug_sm Josie_aug2_sm Josie_aug3_sm TootsiesLove the little tootsies!

5. Here’s my final favourite – proof that you’re never too old to learn! This is my friend, Rinda’s, new Sunfish sailboat. She’s an experienced sailor, but it was a first for me!  I love it! We don’t have any pictures from in the boat. Rinda took this shot with her cell phone. I wasn’t totally confident that we would stay upright so I didn’t take my camera along. We never tipped, but I think a waterproof camera is still in order!

SunfishWell . . .  pulling this Friday Fave Five post together was fun. So many lovely, summertime memories! Thanks so much for joining me.

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS For more FFFs, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

Friday's Fave Five


23 thoughts on “FFF~summertime round-up

  1. I’m just catching up here on all I have missed! It looks like you had the best kind of summer. And I’m smiling at the ‘gaggle of girls’ pic…and imagining how much fun that is!


  2. Hi Kathy, LOVED your summertime roundup! Haveing that grand-girlie around is getting to be quite addicting to you I’m sure! 🙂 Sorry that I haven’t been by in awhile – I just caught up tonight on all your recent posts. I’m SO GLAD that when I clicked on my reader that the whole post was showing rather than just a few lines!! So much better! Thank you!


  3. I certainly understand your being away from the computer when summer on the island beckons! Roomie’s parents are thinking of making a visit (I’m not sure of the timing) and I told them about Hartsville church and the connection to your family. Maybe they’ll even get a chance to meet you!


  4. Kathie..I so enjoyed seeing the best parts of your summer. You are a blessed woman! Friends still smiling after all those years and that darling baby! So wonderful to see the photos of her.
    That church photo is stunning. To think that your family has been there that many years is just amazing.


  5. oh how fun your women’s group sounds!! love all your photos especially of that precious grandbaby who is becoming quite the little girl already….a toddler!! One of my fave stages.
    and yay for trying the sailing. My oldest tried a sunfish for the very first time in July on our Adirondack vacation. I’m too chicken. I’ll stick to kayaking! LOL Enjoy your weekend!!


    • I was a little nervous in the sailboat but my friend is a very encouraging, patient teacher so I caught on fairly quickly. I still to kayak but sailing is very interesting – figuring out the wind and knowing when to shift the sail – and of course, watching out for the boom 🙂
      Josie is in a very sweet stage – we’re loving it!


  6. Laura Lee Groves says:

    Your #1 and #2 look like SO much fun! Beautiful couple, beautiful church, and sweet granddaughter! Sounds like a wonderful week to me!


  7. Anneliese has a link to your blog. As my Friday evening entertainment is blog hopping (my husband works 2nd shift) I came to visit yours again. Imagine my surprise when I see a photo on your blog of Rinda. She and I have children who went to school together in PA. Small world; From PA to BC to PEI to PA!


    • What a lovely surprise Ruth! I’ve visited that area in PA – it’s beautiful countryside! I forwarded your comment to Rinda. Thanks so much for taking the time to write!


  8. What fun gatherings! And what a sweet little granddaughter!

    Your niece and her new husband are quite a lovely couple. He seems to have a very kind face.

    You’re brave to learn to go sailing! I can’t swim, so I think I’d be too fearful of tipping. My husband and sons like to go kayaking and it looks so peaceful, but I haven’t tried it – I’ve seen too many America’s Funniest Home Videos when the older mom lady tries to get in one! 🙂


    • You should try kayaking Barbara – I’ve never tipped once. And you don’t have to go deep. You could stay in the shallows near the shore. It’s a very enjoyable way to explore the coastline and rivers.


  9. Fun photos of you and your girl friends. I love times like that. We will be having our Atlantic Baptist College (now Crandall University in Moncton) girlfriends reunion again next month. There are usually 10 or 12 of us who gather for an overnight on Friday and breakfast on Saturday. Lots of laughs and sharing. Josie is so sweet. Such a fun age. Good for you to adventure out in sailing. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Pam


  10. You’ve made the most of your summer, Kathie! Love the wee sailboat – that looks like fun! And you are very blessed to have such good friends to surround yourself with. 🙂


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