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Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Fave 5. The rain is pouring down today -the Island is feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Gabrielle. Not much wind, thankfully, but I’m sure glad my beloved cleaned out the rain gutters yesterday!

It’s a good day to be inside, cosy and dry, as I work on my blessing list for the week.

1. Pickles done!

Nannie's Mustard PicklesIt takes quite a while to make pickles but audio books make the chopping and stirring go by quickly. I really enjoyed listening to the stories of the famous naturalist, John Muir. His descriptions of nature are superb.

2. Exploring PEI’s coastland. With almost 700 miles of shoreline, it’s not surprising that I’m always finding new beaches to explore. I love to turn down one of the many red clayย  lanes that lead throughย  woods and fields to the sea.

Road to the SeaYou’re never quite sure of the view that will greet you at the end, but you can be certain it will be beautiful!

North Shore, PEI

Red cliffs, North Shore, PEI3. A visit to St. Margaret’s Pioneer Cemetery

St. Margarets Pioneer Cemetery2The plaque on the cross reads:

St Margaret PlaqueIt’s the first time I’ve seen a gravestone cut from Island sandstone. Sandstone is quite brittle, and would weather poorly, so I was amazed to see intact stones dating from 1812.

Sandstone gravestoneOthers were pieced together during the restoration and laid on cement slabs above the graves

Sandstone gravestonesA local committee is doing a wonderful job restoring the cemetery. You can read all about it here.

4. A solitary walk on a lovely, still, cricket-chirping night, with a silver crescent new moon shining above.

new moon5. An evening out with Rob and Dorothy on Victoria Row – such a sweet visit! I love going out with my beloved and our children.

Victoria RowI should have taken a picture of my meal – a delicious shrimp and scallop kabob. Next time!

It’s always good to think back and say thanks for all the happiness found. I’m really only scratching the surface with these five.

And now – thanks to you, my readers, for all your visits and comments. I enjoy every one!

Many blessings,

with love,

Bonus! Just saw this on facebook – a video of my boys singing their latest release, “My Friend” . They’re on a cross US/Canada tour right now, so check out their schedule – maybe they’ll be stopping near you!

PS. for more Friday Faves, visit Susanne at Living To Tell the Story.

Friday's Fave Five

25 thoughts on “FFF~September

  1. The boys! So awesome. I think I’m still a member of the John MacPhee fan club, but I really should be a member of all their clubs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just dropping by to say I want to come visit you in PEI tonight. Waah!


  2. Yummy, you’re canning all stack up is quite a lovely sight! As are the beach pictures. What fun to have lived there a long while and still be finding fun paths and beaches.


  3. Wow, good timing on getting those gutters cleaned! Would you mind sharing some of that rain?

    As always, it’s great to see your beautiful island, Kathie. “Mustard pickles” sound very intriguing. Tell us how you use it.


  4. Love your FFF!! Your relish looks so delicious. This is such a bountiful time of year! You live in such a gorgeous area by the sea – we haven’t been on the island for soooo/toooo many years. We must make it a destination again soon. Thanks for sharing the video – you are a great ambassador for The Paper Lions and they are really great – love this song! I see they are coming into our area on Oct. 11 – hope the tour is a great success!


  5. we have had driving rain all day today (after 11 a.m) AND it is STILL Pouring out tonite…yesterday we had some fierce thunderstorms and heavy downpours!! Hope we all have a nice dry and sunny weekend! Love those photos as usual especially the one with the pretty waves. And your son’s band will be in NYC which is about 2 hours south of us…….I probably won’t make it down as I never go to the City but…..if i wasn’t working it would be tempting to take the train down there and hear them!! Happy Weekend!! (ps, I HAVE to work out after work just so i can get some energy to deal with my teen girl, drive her around to her ballet classes and manage to clean a room each nite! LOL). Don’t be too impressed: i missed working out the last 2 nights….!


    • I still am impressed and inspired too! I went for a great walk last night – on a beautiful, sun-shiney evening. So thankful the rain is over. Hope you’re getting some sunshine too!


  6. Oh I’d love living on an island surrounded by ocean beaches. Yes, every lane will lead eventually to a beautiful beach. Those memorials to the early settlers of PEI tugged at me. The Professor and I have always stated that in the days of migrations to the New World and the West, we’d have been in the front of the line!


  7. Wonderful photos this week Kathie. I made pickles yesterday morning but not as much as you did. The graveyard is very interesting and old. I enjoy exploring them. It’s been very nasty here for 3 days but warm temperatures so I don’t mind. The cold will come soon enough. Have a great weekend. Pam


    • I enjoy exploring old graveyards too – and imagining what life was like for them. The stones of all the children always makes me a little sad though. So many died at an early age.


  8. I will be seeing your boys live here!!!
    Going with my son and his wife as Bernie is in Alaska. :-/

    Hey…did you ever post the final outcome of your painting class? I’d live to see it.


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