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Shamelessly . . .

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Pop over to my friend, Jill’s, to read about her adventures with my boys’ band, Paper Lions, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The name of the boys latest release is My Friends – the tour is called Friends Tour – and who would have known they’d be meeting my friends while they are crisscrossing North America? 🙂

John_Jill_LukeNow, we haven’t quite confirmed it with the parents, but . . .  there just might be a little planning going on in certain grandmothers’ minds.

John_Luke_smand that planning would have something to do with one of the cutest little boys on the continent marrying meeting one of the cutest little girls! 🙂


*   *   *   *

Jill, thanks so much! What fun! This is the best part of blogging – connections, friendships and sharing our lives. When it happens IRL, it’s extra sweet!


5 thoughts on “Shamelessly . . .

  1. It was major good times at the concert!
    Hey…wouldn’t a reality show about a middle aged preacher’s wife riding along with her boy’s band as they tour North America make for great tv?

    I’d watch…

    Still waiting for the boys to write a tribute song about SLC like they did for Philly. Maybe something like:

    So long on the road.
    Miss my home and family.
    Miss my daughter and my wife,
    oh oh..that lady’s still my only one.
    Only one.
    Cuz I’m just not into polygamy.


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