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fff ~ fun times

It’s Friday and time to count the weekly blessings with Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

1. Flower blossoms in the fall. No frost yet!


Cosmos_autumn2. Capturing a few good shots of the bees in the flower garden. I took many pictures, but only a few were in focus. The bees were busy flitting from bloom to bloom, gathering nectar and spreading pollen.

bee_cosmos1 I’ve learned that bees can visit up to 5000 flowers in a day. And to make one pound of honey, a hive of bees must travel over 55,000 miles and visit 2 million flowers!  No wonder it was hard to get them to hold still! 🙂

Close upLook at all that pollen. Pretty amazing!

3. A great afternoon with the WWW gang last Friday.

www_girls_ftamhearstWe took a day trip to Ft Amherst, a National Canadian Heritage Site at the mouth of the Charlottetown Harbour. It was one of the first Acadian settlements, as well as the first military fortification, on the Island.

Ft. Amherst_signThe park is a lovely place to walk

Amherst_walkand picnic.

Ft Amerst picnicThere are lighthouses to see

Ft_Amherst2and cruise ships to watch.

cruise ship_FtAmWe tried some of those fun photo shoots.

www_girls_shipThey’re a little tricky to do right.

CRUISE_SHIP_handAlmost got it. It was cool to have such a close view of the cruise ship as it sailed out the mouth of the Charlottetown harbour.

4.  Keeping track of the band as they tour the US. What an adventure!

PaperLions_tour(hope I tagged those places right boys!)

5. Making music with Josie – she loves “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Josie_piano That’s my blessing list this week ~ thanks for joining me!

Happy weekend!

with love,

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26 thoughts on “fff ~ fun times

  1. Wow, you got some great shots of that bee. Me, personally, I like to keep back just a touch more and enjoy someone else’s great photos of those guys.

    What a cute little piano player in the making.

    Love the fun shots you tried.


  2. willowknits says:

    Certainly the Portland photo is correct – I recognize the bridges over the Willamette River (my hometown!) And that looks like Albuquerque and Arizona — desert and cactus.
    Oh I’d love to visit Ft. Amherst! What a beautiful place and so FULL of history.
    Love those bee pictures!


  3. LOVED learning some new facts about bees!! and that beautiful ocean/island where you live. It’s still on our bucket list! sigh…..someday…..your granddaughter is just precious and getting so big! I looked at the cities scheduled for your sons band but they won’t be in least I didn’t see it listed. How exciting that they are having this tour! Enjoy the weekend and God bless!!


  4. Beautiful pictures and I like the cruise ship ones. Josie is so sweet too. We were in Bar Harbour tonight and saw 3 cruise ships. Quite a sight. It’s beautiful weather down here on the coast of Maine too. Enjoy the weekend.


  5. What setting did you use to finally get both the bee and the flower in focus? That pollen dust is amazing!
    When does the band get to come home? Surely for your Thanksgiving.
    No frost here yet at our house either but the mountains sure look pretty powdered with snow!


    • Just the macro setting Jill – and I took LOTS of pictures most of which didn’t turn out. I was pretty amazed at that one of the bee loaded with pollen. If you click on it and view in the gallery, it enlarges. So cool!

      The boys got home yesterday – and are gone again in 8 days. It’s a short tour this time. They’ll be back on Thanksgiving Monday so we’ll celebrate then.


  6. Your pictures are amazing Kathie! The women’s group outting and picnic looks like a fabulous time and your sweet Josie is adorable. I hope the Paper Lions are having a wonderful tour. I love your fffs!


    • Thanks Rosella – the boys just got home from the first leg of their tour – they go out twice more this fall. They had a great run, but they’re glad to get back home.


  7. great shots, Kathie! We’ve never visited Ft. Amherst – must add to list. Love Angie’s toque! Also, what kind of flowers are those? I have them, too (they were in an annual mixture I planted).


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