10 thoughts on “still . . .

  1. I found your blog on WordPress Reader and I’m a little spooked by the things we have in common! I’m a Canadian (Manitoba) Christian, a blogger, love photography and writing, have written a prize-winning short story based on your theme verse, and am an avid collector and reader of Elizabeth Goudge books (I collect old copies of her books which I have read and re-read, my favorite being Gentian Hill. What’s yours?) Nice to meet you, Kathie!


    • Always lovely to meet another E Goudge fan. She’s my favourite fiction writer by far! I think my favourite Scent of Water (although it’s hard to choose!) I need to re-read Gentian Hill – it’s been a while.


  2. Debbie B. says:

    Hi Kath beautiful, I walked with the winter river today for about an hour it was lovely in the woods, the carpet of leaves were beautiful, how lucky we are to have the red maples.


  3. Julana says:

    I spent two years living in NW Ontario, and remember those amazing lakes of mirror on clear autumn days. Being out on them in a canoe was a nearly unearthly experience, like floating above ground.


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