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FFF ~ of mysteries, mirrors, memories and more

Welcome to Friday’s blessing list. Time to say thanks for the good things we enjoy.

1. Mysteries –Prince Edward Island’s red soil. I’m glad to live on an Island with red roads, fields and cliffs. It’s unique and very pretty. But we often get the question – what makes the soil red?

“Anne with an e” has an answer in the song from the musical “Gee, I’m Glad I’m No One Else But Me”. ( solution is in the second verse)

or you can go with theΒ more prosaic answer from the PEI Island Information website. πŸ™‚

Why is the soil red?Β  – The Island is formed from sedimentary bed rock of soft, red sandstone which produces the rich, red soil. The redness of the soil is due to the high iron-oxide (rust) content.

red cliffsWhen I was a little girl, I thought all soil was red. It was a big surprise when I went “off the Island” for the first time at the age of six and found out differently πŸ™‚
(Thanks to Debbie Z for posing the question.)

2. Autumn Mirrors.

Mill pond2_2013_smMy favourite autumn photo subject-Β  fall leaves reflected in water. So beautiful.

Knoxes mirror2
3. Β Mail – Look what arrived? My vinyl copy of the boys’ latest album. I’m planning to frame the album cover and add it to my family picture wall (which is still in the planning stages :))

My Friends_Album4. Memories – the boys climbing the bell tower in the church.

This interview was done in early spring so Polly Hill looks a bit bleak. Here’s an autumn picture.

Polly Hill_med

5. Mmm mm ~ good food! Cooler autumn weather inspires me to bake.

autumn desserts2There’s nothing like a warm and cosy autumn dessert – bread pudding and apple crisp are favourites. And let’s not forget caramel sauce – you can use it for an apple dip or if you’re really feeling decadent, pour it over the bread pudding.

Wish I could share some of it with you!

Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS – Visit Susanne at Living to Tell The Story for more Friday Favourites.

FFF delicate leaves

PPS – you can click images to open a larger version.


37 thoughts on “FFF ~ of mysteries, mirrors, memories and more

  1. The next time your son has a gig in Southern California, tell him to visit both the Natural History Museum and Page Museum (LaBrea Tar Pits). That’s where all the dinosaurs, mammoths and other skeletons are. Maybe he’ll switch careers! (That’s what our son did in his late 20s)

    Autumn in PEI is probably the most beautiful place. It was fun to be reminded of ‘fall’ up in Julian and then to drop back down to the eternal summer beaches. But it’s NOTHING like a real autumn where you see the magnificent fall foliage day after day.

    I think that album is the perfect gift for a mom πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Willow! I’ll have to tell John-Alec about it. I’m not sure he’s quite as crazy about dinosaurs now as he was when he was 9 but you never know!

      The album cover is extra special because it’s a family picture I took at Sarah’s 7th bday party. She’s the little one with the grin. And our youngest boy is in the picture too. It makes me happy just to look at it!


  2. I thought I should forewarn you that I’ve shown your gorgeous island off to roomie and she is plotting and planning for a visit to PEI and stay with you. We’ve both swooned over all that golden autumn beauty in this post and others.

    That album cover is so very cool! I didn’t know anyone was still producing vinyl!

    You’d asked about Kelvin. If you check your white balance settings, you’re likely to see a K with hopefully some additional dials or buttons to push to change the temperature values. Generally, in a warmly lit room (like incandescent lights in a home), you’ll want to dial in something around 2500 to 2800. The higher the value, the cooler the light. It’s kind of a trial and error. But it worked beautifully for the last indoor event I photographed. It’s when you have mixed lighting (last of the cool evening light through a window with warm artificial indoor light) that there’s no avoiding weird color casts. Enjoy getting to know Kelvin!


    • You two come right along and bring your cameras! PEI has been called a photographer’s dream. πŸ™‚

      I noticed the K after each white balance setting and I can set a custom White balance. But I’m not sure you can change temperature values on a Canon T3i. I’ll have to do some research. Thanks for the info!


  3. Bread pudding and apple crisp are two favorites around here too. Yum! The reflection pictures are gorgeous! And so peaceful looking. Congrats to the boys on their album. How fun that you have the album cover to put on your wall.


    • Thanks Susanne! I’ll pass on the congrats to the boys!
      I haven’t quite figured out that wall yet. I want it to be quite eclectic – various frames and sizes and subjects. It will be a good winter’s project!


  4. Debbie Z. says:

    Thank you so much, Kathie, for answering my question about the red soil! I was excited that it inspired your blog for today. I was telling my husband about your answer and he remembered that in the movie Anne of Green Gables, Anne comments on the red soil on the way from the train station with Matthew. I don’t remember this, just the bower of trees they drive under. I guess I am going to have to re-watch one of my favorite movie series ever. : )
    Debbie Z


    • Hi Debbie
      The song is inspired from that comment in the book. A little poetic license on the part of the writers of the musical but still true to Anne’s character. I’m going to re-watch it soon too. It’s perfect for a cosy Nov. evening at home.


  5. I LOVE your photos as usual!!! One of my fave autumn scenes is seeing the colored trees mirrored in the lakes in the southern region of the Adirondacks…and in the pond at Gordon College although we haven’t visited our girl this month like last year….but it was sooo pretty like your photos! Mmmm…..I’m about to bake zucchini bread for. Ompany tomorrow and now you are making me wish I had more apples in the house to make apple crisp!! Enjoy your weekend!!!


    • Hi Faith,
      Roger and I have talked for a long time about going to the Adirondacks in autumn – of course, we’d have to leave here to do it . . . :)! One of these years we’re going to make the trek – I can just imagine how gorgeous those mountains are in the height of the season!


  6. Kathie, I have read faithfully for years, an eon in blog-time, but am a quiet corner mouse when it comes to commenting. I had to stop today, though, and say that I LOVE the peace, simplicity and gratitude that beams from your blog. Thank you for the beautiful images and quiet joys you celebrate here.


    • Thank you for such a sweet note Missy K! So glad you crept out of your little corner to let me know you’re here πŸ™‚ Your kind words are so encouraging! That’s exactly what I hope I convey as I write and share my photos. Thanks for expressing it so eloquently.


  7. Gorgeous photos – I think I have mentioned before that coming to PEI is on my bucket list, and your photos just make me want to come all the more!

    I also really enjoyed the Paper Lions singing harmony in the bell tower!


  8. Delightful, as always, Kathie. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely PEI with us. I can’t wait to visit someday. {The video clip of Anne with an E put a smile on me.} Love the view from the bell tower, and the family picture wall sounds lovely. Mine changes from decade to decade. Right now it’s just the grandbaby’s wall. Enjoy your yummies!


  9. As much as I love Anne, I haven’t encountered the musical yet.

    We have some red soil in parts of the Southeast US, too — I assume it is for the same reasons, but I never thought to look it up before now.

    Love the autumn mirrors photos – so pretty.

    How neat that the Paper Lions made a vinyl version of their album! I didn’t know those were made any more. I have some vinyl albums that I cherish because they don’t have an equivalent in the CD or digital world.

    You have me hungry for apple crisp.


    • Hi Barbara, The musical Anne of Green Gables is the longest running musical in Canada. Next summer it will celebrate its 50th anniversary! I remember meeting the first Anne when I was a little girl. It’s still really popular. It shows every summer at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown.

      Vinyl records are making a comeback πŸ™‚

      Make that apple crisp – it will count for a fruit serving πŸ™‚


  10. I’m so used to the soil now, but I remember being quite shocked when we first moved here!
    Great video – and what a view! No better place to grow up in!


  11. Your red island soil is very unique Kathie and we also have some areas in NB with similar soil. But, being an island makes it very special I think. And, so very beautiful! I think it’s great that Paper Lions made a vinyl LP recording. That seems to be coming back again, very retro. I wish you a wonderful week ahead. Blessings, Pam


    • I’ve heard that Georgia has some red soil areas too. I didn’t know that NB had some though.
      We got the vinyl in a special package along with a tshirt and CD. Unfortunately we no longer have our turn-table to play it. But what I really wanted was the cover to frame. Maybe we’ll look for an old record player – I’m sure they must be around.
      Happy weekend to you too Pam!


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