It’s Friday and blessing list time. Can you believe it’s November 1st? October is gone. The Island is definitely on the waning side of autumn’s glory. Look what’s happened in just one week.

The sugar maple trees in our front yard on Oct 24th.

Oct_24and on Oct 31st.

Oct_31They’re almost bare to the bone.

I’ve done my best this week to squeeze every last drop of October’s glory before it slipped away.

I’ve . . .

1.  wandered through fields

Iona_field2. and through woods


3. marvelled at perfect stillness here

MacPhersons_2013and here

KNoxes_reflection4. I’ve meandered down long, quiet, country roads

Delaneyand discovered magic

Gairloch_beam25. I’ve gazed above

vertical_treeand below

fall morning 128and filled my golden October blessing cup to overflowing.

How about you? How was your week?

Thanks for taking time to drop in for a visit. I’m thankful for each one of you.

Happy first weekend of November.

with love,

PS – Thanks to Susanne, our  FFF host, at Living To Tell the Story.

FFF delicate leaves

21 thoughts on “FFF ~ overflowing

  1. Jody says:

    Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful October walks.


  2. aanneliese says:

    I’m back to try again. Using my netbook while on vacation and it’s casuing me grief. I could not leave a comment yesterday. Your photos reminded me of something in a book I’m reading at the moment. The author refers to the trees ablaze with color declaring the ability for life and death to coexist in this moment in time. Those words just caught my heart. Thank you for the (()) …and your tender words.


  3. kimberly says:

    So lovely!
    I just read the Emily books last week. Made me wish to be at PEI!


  4. willowknits says:

    OH! I want to go walking with you! Those roads and trails look so inviting! I know you are savoring each step and saving each look to hold in your memory during the snowy months.


  5. Susanne says:

    The picture of the sun on the path…glorious! And those sugar maples are stunning. Our trees are bare now too Sad to see autumn go. It seemed to happen way too fast this year. Now I’ll look forward to your wintery scenes!


  6. Thank you for the walk, Kathie. Lovely perspectives. My week was rough, so this is a lovely way to end it. And I must say I found myself humming the song which your boys sang in the bell tower on last week’s post 🙂 Just a line or so of it stuck in my head. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Joyce


  7. Faith says:

    Beautiful post for FFF! I love autumn and our leaves are starting to fall as savoring as many walks or hikes as I can!! Happy weekend and have a restful Sabbath


  8. nikkipolani says:

    Goodness, Kathie, it’s always like a travelogue coming to visit you! Thank you so much for sharing all the gorgeous autumnal colors that I never see locally.


  9. Judy says:

    And you have taken beautiful photographs as you wandered, meandered and discovered! I too have much to be thankful for.


  10. Rosella says:

    Kathie – your Oct. pictures are simply stunning! Thank you for sharing them – so beautiful. We have had such a dreary and wet October over here and I’m afraid I didn’t take advantage of the few nice days that came along. Perhaps November will give up a few nice days too. Here’s hoping.


  11. Jane Brookins says:

    Beautiful pictures Kathie, Thanks.


  12. Barbara H. says:

    What a lovely post! Sounds like you were successful in taking in October’s glory before the month was gone.


  13. ellen b says:

    Sounds like the best of ways to spend the last days of October!


  14. This is the most BEAUTIFUL post I have seen! Thanks for sharing them here! If you would like and have time please join me for my Giving Thanks Challenge for the month of November


  15. Dounia says:

    Wonderful post and beautiful photos. It put a smile on my face and made me think of all the things I’m grateful for this week/weekend!


  16. Jill says:

    Autumn waning… Great choice of words Kathie. I am thankful that you drank deeply from autumn’s cup and shared so much of it with us. The tree outside our kitchen window was like yours, in full glory on Thursday then nearly bare on Sunday as strong winds whipped through our area. At one moment I couldn’t see the mountains because the air was so full of leaves!


  17. Lorna says:

    Beautiful, Kathie!!!!!


  18. Tina Mac Donald says:

    Thanks for all the colors of Oct. enjoyed them maybe you still get some shots in Nov. to brighten our day,maybe even some Snow ones.thanks Kathy.


    1. Kathie says:

      Thanks Tina! More than likely I will get some snow ones!!


    1. Kathie says:

      Glad you enjoyed it mk! And I’m especially glad you’re blogging again! Yay!


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