I have to confess that my attitude toward November has been negatively influenced by one of my favourite childhood books . . .

November is the most disagreeable month in the whole year, said Margaret, standing at the window one dull afternoon, looking out at the frostbitten garden.

That’s the reason I was born in it, observed Jo pensively, quite unconscious of the blot on her nose. . .

This first week of November has lived up to its rather dismal reputation  – it’s been grey, cloudy and dull. October’s blaze of colour is over and winter’s lovely bright sunshine and sparkling snow haven’t arrived yet.

But, today is Friday, and you all know what that means. We’re looking for blessings. With that in mind, I noticed something in my re-reading of Little Women Beth’s response to Meg’s gloomy November attitude:

If something very pleasant should happen now, we should think it a delightful month, said Beth, who took a hopeful view of everything, even November.

Now that’s a statement that beautifully expresses the heart of Susanne’s Friday’s Favourite 5 ~ a hopeful view of everything, even November! 🙂

So here goes –

1. A root canal might not sound like the best place to start counting blessings but  I have a wonderful dentist, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to get her patients out of pain. She and her assistant squeezed me in after hours and made my day a whole lot happier.

2. Roger and I raised a household of lego-loving boys. This commercial brings back a lot of happy memories.

3. The beginning of the cosy season


Mila_fireSophie and Mila love the woodstove warmth.

4.  A record breaking bread making session. I never measure when I make bread. I use a huge bread bowl, mix in the flour, salt, fat and then add the liquid. I can tell when the dough is ready to knead by feel. I usually get about 8 or 9 loaves a batch – but this time? 12!

Bread-12loaves5. A very special event for my boys’ band Paper Lions.

QPEI620They were featured this morning on Q, Jian Ghomeshi’s popular CBC radio talk show. Roger and I joined 1200 enthusiastic Islanders at the Confederation Centre of the Arts last night for the recording. You can listen to the show here. (If you’d like to listen to the Paper Lions segment only, it will be posted on CBC later today.)

I can’t believe I forgot to add this! Paper Lions’ latest video release. Filmed at a hockey rink – the iconic Canadian experience 🙂 Roger makes a cameo appearance, chatting by the boards with our neighbour Baxter.

Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy Friday!

with love,

PS – For more Friday Favourites, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

FFF delicate leaves

10 thoughts on “fff ~ of November and attitudes

  1. nikkipolani says:

    That was a fun video, Kathie!
    Ah, November. You’re keeping busy with all that baking, I see, until the sparkly months arrive 😉


  2. Rosella says:

    November is dull and dreary over here too but my day was just brightened with this delightful post! So glad I came back today and saw the “Pull Me In” video too – it’s fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing your November fffs – beautiful! Now I feel like inspired to bake some bread on this first weekend of the “cosy season”…..


  3. Faith says:

    Yummy!! Homemade bread! little women is a hit in our home….and November here, so far! hasn’t been too bad….the sun broke through each day this week after cloudy! grey starts and to the west of us in central NY they had snow!!! I’m hoping to get one more hiking trip on our day off Monday! Yay for your boys’ band!!!!


  4. jerralea says:

    How neat for your Paper Lions to be featured!

    I impressed with your 12 loaves! I’ve never made a batch bigger than 2 loaves .
    Warm cozy evenings by the fire make even November look good. I’m kind of like Beth in that I like to take a hopeful view of everything too. We Americans have Thanksgiving in November so that brightens it up for us.


  5. Kim says:

    I haven’t read that book in eons! Yes, it’s been windy and chilly. It’s time to do what the cats and dogs do: hang out in front of the heat source!


  6. Barbara H. says:

    I am listening to Little Women via audiobook, and just heard that section in the last day or so! We still have a bit of autumn color here, but the leaves are dropping fast.

    Love that Lego commercial. All my boys loved Legos and played with them long after laying other toys aside. Love the narrator’s accent, too!

    My in-laws used to keep a wood stove burning all through the winter.

    I never quite got the hang of making bread. I wish I lived close enough to join you for a baking session and see how it’s done by a pro!


  7. Bev K says:

    Kathie, I was in the car this morning on my way home from Line dancing and heard your boys on Gion Guimeshi’s PEI show on CBC. (how DO you spell his name?) You are justifiably proud of those boys. Their music is terrific and they are such great guys. They are wonderful representatives of your Island and your family. Congratulations on their success.


  8. Jill says:

    That is a lot of bread! Do you share or have an enormous freezer?

    Should of guessed that you liked Little Women too!


  9. ellen b says:

    I have to admit that November so far has matched those quotes. Oye…
    But our blessings are always better than the weather! Now I must click on the link and have a listen…sounds exciting.


  10. I love fall and now that the color is spent I am looking forward to that first good snow! I love the fireplace going, makes such an inviting atmosphere. Root canals are bad but the pain due the reason you have to have a root canal is so much worse. By the time I got my root canal I was just so happy to have the pain gone! I didn’t care what they did to me! LOL!
    I too enjoyed Little Women although it was only a couple years ago that I read it. Why things like that aren’t required reading in school!?


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