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FFF ~ happiness

Happiness . . .

1. Gathering red winterberry holly on Point Prim with my beloved.

point_berries3The bright red berries, along with some deep green pine boughs,  silvery bayberry, and spruce cones, make a lovely, organic Christmas arrangement for our window-boxes.

point_berries2. And no visit to Point Prim is complete without a walk along the shore.

Point Prim_Nov13_smWatching a golden sun sink in the west

point_prim_nov_sunsetand a silvery moon rise in the east.

full_moon3.  A typical trip to town with Roger:

me –  “Stop!”

him – “Why?”

me – “the light!”

Vernon_bridge1_novHe’s very obliging 🙂

One moment everything is flat and grey, and then, suddenly, the sun breaks through the clouds. Instantaneous drama!

Vernon_bridge2_novSky mirrored below.

Vernon_bridge_nov2A little artistic license with backlight and the drama is heightened.  I’d like to paint it.

Vernon_bridge_nov44. A little more sky drama – my kitchen window sunrise view.

kitchen_window_sunrise_novIn my childhood home, our kitchen window faced the sunset. I can’t count how many evenings my mother would call out, “Come see!” and we would drop everything to join her in the beauty. I don’t call my family for the sunrises – I’m not quite sure they’d appreciate it at that time of day 🙂 But we do share the sunset views from our deck. Isn’t that such a lovely God gift? So stunning and absolutely free to enjoy.

5. Top favourite? A visit to Josie’s house.

Josie_stairs“Watch me climb the stairs Nannie!”

Josie_wheelsSingsong with Gramp – “The wheels on the bus go round and round”. Melt. my. heart.

and here’s a bonus Friday Fave ~ the first snowfall of the season

Am_goldfinch_nov13_smThe snow didn’t last, but rest assured, there’s more where that came from!

Thanks so much for dropping in for a wee visit.

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS – for more Friday Favourites, visit Susanne at Living to Tell The Story.

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36 thoughts on “FFF ~ happiness

  1. Beautiful image of that first snow. And it’s not at all hard to believe that typical conversation between you and your husband! Light is what we’re always after, isn’t it? Looking forward to seeing your winter window box display.


  2. marg says:

    This was one touching post from your artistic photography and that beautiful little grandchild. I sure know about those words. STOP! Even in the most busy times of traffic…oh well…we just love to capture the moments and I’m always hollering about sunsets…’I grab the camera and run!


    • I’m the same way about sunsets Marg. I never tire of them. I love that we can take endless digital pictures and it doesn’t cost a thing. So different from the days of film.


  3. Oh my! What absolutely gorgeous photos! HOW do you catch the birds’ pictures?? I loved that one!
    Aww..Josie is just too sweet.
    And a week isn’t really complete without a view of the ocean.


    • Willow You’d laugh to see me hiding around the corner and peeking out with the zoom lens. You can’t go too close to them or they’ll fly away. Glad you liked the ocean picture. I love yours too!


  4. Oh Kathie – these pictures are so beautiful – you really captured the “light”!!! You live in such a beautiful part of this great country of ours!!! Little Josie is so adorable and looks delighted to be sung to by her grandfather – now I’m singing that sone too…. I need to get my feeders refilled – this snow we’re having will bring them to the feeder for sure. Fabulous picture of your goldfinch.


    • Hi there Rosella- it takes a wee bit of effort to keep those bird feeders filled especially if there are blue jays around! but it’s still worth it. I love seeing those colourful little birds all winter. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! And yes Josie was having a great time 🙂


  5. Debbie Z. says:

    Kathie, your photos would make a very beautiful Prince Edward Island calendar. Someone there should consider using your work. The seashore scene with the lighthouse is spectacular and that last one of the bird in the snow, oh my. It actually made me teary because it reminded me of my grandma who is now in heaven with the Lord. She loved watching birds in the snow so much and would always write a winter poem. As far as sunsets, I would always call my kids to come look too- God’s handiwork and gift to us.


    • What a sweet story about your grandma Debbie! Thanks for sharing it. It means a lot to me when people are touched by my blog. And thanks for your kind compliment too!


  6. Oh my, Kathie, I do believe you could win awards with your photography! So gorgeous.

    I often see beautiful sunsets on my way home from work. I need to stop the car and take photos of them but talk myself out of stopping most the time. I agree it is wonderful that we can enjoy the Master Artist’s work for free.


  7. Oh the beauty of His creation! To live intentionally to enjoy it all is such a gift! Your sunrises, and sunsets, and the water and skies are just so stunning! I loved the fun pictures of your precious grandbaby girl! She’s adorable. Thank you for stopping by earlier today, Kathie.


  8. Your photos are convincing Bernie that we NEED to go to PEI next fall!
    I think we both need bumperstickers that say “Caution: Vehicle contains blogging photographer and will be making frequent unexpected sudden stops.”
    Josie’s hand movements are just precious. She still can wear those cute leather shoes too. Luke is in gigantic running shoes now; kind of freaks me out!
    That last picture is a blow up and frameable worthy!


    • I definitely could use one of those bumper stickers Jill! Next year is going to be a great year to visit PEI – big celebrations!

      Josie is still pretty tiny – size 18 mos is a little big on her still 🙂


  9. I’m surprised Roger even asks “why” any more when you tell him to stop!

    Still no goldfinches at my feeders! I heard their song today from the trees. No little birds of any kind yet, just jays and doves and woodpeckers.


    • The goldfinches just arrived for us Kim. I don’t know where they were all summer. Do you have Niger seed? That’s what we use. we haven’t had any doves for awhile. Not since the summer.

      Yes – those photography stops still catch Roger off guard but he’s very good-natured about it 🙂


  10. Gorgeous photos Kathie! I love the light and the reflections. Josie is so sweet . Our little grands are growing so fast aren’t they? (Our Ewan is 3 and Eli is 15 1/2 mos.) Precious. I love the last photo of the little goldfinch in the snow. Sweet! Have a nice weekend. Pam


    • It’s hard to keep up with them isn’t it Pam? I find she knows new words every time I get to see her – which is at least once a week. So fun!

      Glad you enjoyed the photos – the little apples on our flowering crab look so pretty in the snow.


  11. What gorgeous photos!! My fave is the one of the beach…the last one….and snow? Keep it up there please although my weather app said my hiking area is gonna have snow tomorrow..but none here in the Hudson Valley. Your grand baby is just precious!!! Enjoy your weekend


    • The snow is all gone – only lasted a day. But it will be back. I don’t mind it – I love the sparkle and the shadows – Oh and the fragrance – so clean. But that’s another post! 🙂

      That beach is one of my favourite hiking spots!


  12. Ellen says:

    Oh my dear Kathie…your photos are so stunning. That last one of the bird is precious. They are all fabulous but I love the bird in the snowfall…
    Love the driving dialog! You’ve captured the light well.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Debbie says:

      Hi Kath, love the berry gathering at PP, I now have found a patch on my shore, still have found memories of trips to the point first days of December to decorate home and church with! They are beautiful!


    • Thanks so much Ellen! The American goldfinch is such a pretty little bird. They didn’t come round all summer but made an appearance at the feeder a few weeks ago. I was so happy to see them!


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