Hello everyone and welcome to Friday’s blessing list.

1. We had a bit of blustery weather  on the Island last Windsday Wednesday 🙂

“The wind was lashing gustily and the trees were thrashing thrustily” ~ don’t you just love Pooh!

The wind was so wild power lines were knocked out, the ferry service to the Island was cancelled,  a warning was given on the Bridge and one of our spruces toppled over in a particularly heavy gust. Thankfully, it didn’t land on anyone or anything.

fallen_treeWe’ve lost quite a few spruce  over the years because the roots are very shallow and they can’t withstand heavy winds. Roger will chop this one up for firewood. Softwood is great for kindling.

2.  And speaking of kindling, did you know that dried pinecones make great fire starters? Plus, they’re free for the picking. Things that are free are a real blessing. We place the cones in this heavy old frying pan that belonged to Roger’s grandfather and set it in front of the stove.

pionecones_novThe heat dries them out and then we store them in our apple basket on the hearth  – they’re pretty and useful.

pinecone_firestarters2.  I always enjoy watching the birds but even more so at this time of year. I read somewhere that birds are the flowers of wintertime. And it’s so true.

Nov_finchThey’re little bright splashes of colour in a muted landscape.

Am_goldfinch2_nov13The cost of seed is a very small price for the enjoyment we receive.

hairy_woodpeckerEach one is so interesting with unique habits and behaviours.

winter_robinI captured a shot of this little robin last winter. Robins don’t usually come to the birdfeeders. But this little one perched on my bird feeder tree branch and I had my camera ready. Sweetness!

3. Another wonderful  blessing? Free audio books. I discovered Librivox a few years ago. Classics such as Little Women, the Anne books, Wives and Daughters, Swiss Family Robinson and The Secret Garden keep me company while I work in the kitchen preparing meals, baking or making jams and pickles. I love storytimes.

book_collageKara Shallenberg is one of my  favourite readers at Librivox. So I was deliciously (the only way to describe it!) delighted to discover she had her own website with more recorded stories. Right now I’m listening to her recording of The Melendy family series.

melendy_collageSome of the sweetest childhood stories ever written!

4.  Another source of blessing? My weekly Bible study groups. I’m in two this fall. One is Reason For God by Timothy Keller and the other is Stuck by Jennie Allen. We’ve had such rich discussions that have been both challenging and encouraging.stuck_reason5. My final blessing this week is waiting for me down at our mailbox. I’m so excited to pick up my copy of Ann Voskamp’s new book, The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas.

ann_greatestgiftIt’s arriving just in time to read during the Advent season. I can hardly wait!

Hope everyone has a weekend overflowing with blessings. A special Happy Thanksgiving wish to all my American friends. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments – I enjoy reading them so much!

with love and thanks,

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13 thoughts on “fff ~ of blustery days, birds and books

  1. Susanne says:

    Now that is blustery and Pooh describes it perfectly. Glad no one was hurt when the tree toppled over. Your feathered friends are lovely and I tend to agree, they are winter’s flowers!


  2. willowknits says:

    Oh, oh! The Melendy Family?? On audio? Thank you thank you thank you for that link! My daughter is visiting with the grands and she is so excited to be able to LISTEN to Enright’s books!

    SO impressed with the bird pictures. Birds hide or fly away when they see me approaching with a camera. As always, visiting you is a visual delight.


  3. Debbie B. says:

    Hello Kath, thank you for the wonderful reminders that are life’s simple pleasures. I have promised myself to read two books over the holidays and will purchase your suggestion. I will be off for 10 days, it shall be a welcome break. Blessings to you dear friend.


  4. nikkipolani says:

    Sweet images of your feathered visitors. I love audiobooks, too! Love the availability of so many from the library. Glad you’re enjoying so many beloved classics.


  5. Debbie Z. says:

    Kathie, thank you for mentioning Librivox. I had never heard of it before so I clicked on your link and it looks interesting. I LOVE to be read to so it may be something I can attempt to use. I spend nearly an hour a day driving to and from work and I am wondering if I could possibly listen to downloaded books then. Can these be used on an Ipod? I was introduced to the Melendy children series a couple years ago when I had surgery. A friend from high school heard I was laid up and mailed me her copies to read because she thought they were charming and we have a love of books in common. Charming, indeed. I enjoyed them thoroughly, even as an adult.


  6. Faith says:

    yay for Winnie the Pooh and those birds!! Yes, I DID know actually about pinecones being great firestarters…we used to round some up when we were camping and now we gather them in early fall for our own firepit for next summer! I love all those childhood books/stories…..and have read almost all of them…such treasures they are…my girls have enjoyed many of them over the years as well. Those look like good Bible studies and yay for Ann’s books!! Have a wonderful week coming up…and stay cozy!


  7. anneliese says:

    Your bird photos always amaze me. I wonder if we have colorful birds like that here on the West Coast. Maybe I need to get a feeder and find out.


  8. Your photos are so lovely Kathie. I am always soothed by your eye for capturing beauty.
    I am kicking myself for not ordering the Greatest Gift. I thought of it today which is too late to start on the 1st. Maybe a trip to town tomorrow is in order.


  9. Laura says:

    I too love the comment about the birds being the flowers of wintertime! And your pictures prove just that! Glad you didn’t have any major damage during the storm. Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. Kathie, your bird photographs are so gorgeous– one of the things I look forward to in visiting your blog.


  11. Ellen says:

    I love that about birds being the flowers of wintertime! Love all your shots and especially the birds! You really got some blustery weather. I really enjoy saying “blustery” out loud.
    Your studies sound real good.
    Blessings on your weekend!


  12. Beth says:

    Thanks for the Pooh clip, Kath. It brought a nostalgic smile and a thought that Disney did well when taking beloved childhood characters and putting voice to them. I find it quite annoying when the voice doesn’t seem to match the characters I hear in my head. Disney got them just right. I love the idea of the acorns for decoration and then perfect use! I have never heard of that before and it seems such a great use of nature. There’s nothing like watching the birds when the snow is lightly falling. Just the thought of it is happy. I wish I could listen to the audio books while I work. I can’t seem to even listen to music as I have to keep shutting it off when someone is talking to me or the phone is ringing. It would make the day pass much more pleasantly if I could get my “reading” in while I worked and we women naturally like to multitask. Ah well, at least I get to read blogs and a few other idle things… while I work…. ahem… best get back to it. Have a great weekend! :o)


  13. Beautiful photos of the winter bird visitors, Kathie! I see where Paper Lions is going to be interviewed on Live @5 tonight so I’ll be watching. Have a blessed week.


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