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fff ~ blessing list

Hi and welcome to my first blessing list of 2014.

1. Outside my kitchen windows -January sunrises. Such a beautiful way to start the day.

2. Coffee time with friends and daughters, who are also friends. So special.

3.Β  A baby shower for our dear daughter-in-law ~ all the little tiny baby things ~fun, fun fun!

D_shower_collageIt won’tΒ  be long now!

Dorothy_baby(shamelessly lifted from facebook – such a sweet smile!)

4. The birds at our feeder – the flowers of winter. I never tire of watching them.

AGF_SnowThis dark-eyed junco is so entertaining. He doesn’t seem able to balance on the finch feeder perches to reach the higher openings. And he never bends down for the lowest opening.

junco_collageInstead, he bobs up and down on the feeder to reach the opening just above his head. It’s comical to watch him.

finch_collageA little finch keeping warm on an icy day, feathers all fluffed up in a downy ball. Learn how birds keep warm in winter here.

This little Downy Woodpecker is getting every last bit of suet.

woodpecker_suet_smAnd look – a Purple Finch. “This is the bird that Roger Tory Peterson famously described as a ‘sparrow dipped in raspberry juice.'” (All About Birds – Cornell)

purple finch2A male and a female came to the feeder tree a few weeks ago but I haven’t seen them since. Here’s hoping they come back.

I love the spread of the American Goldfinch’s wings and tail in this shot. You don’t usually see this kind of detail unless they’re in flight. And I just happened to capture this finch as it was coming in for a landing at the feeder.

AGF2_Snow_sm5. Here’s something else I never tire of watching – I was wondering if Josie would like the rocking horse that Roger and I gave her for Christmas. I guess so πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for joining me for Friday’s Favourite Five.Β  It feels good to be back in the blogging routine.

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS – For more Friday blessings, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

FFF birds on a wire


38 thoughts on “fff ~ blessing list

  1. Hello Kathie,
    You have touched on a lot of my favourites as well, birds, sunrises, a new baby on the way. We have travelled South for the Winter like some bird s have. I’m visiting my daughter in North
    Carolina and she has plenty of bright red Cardinals, beautiful but no feeder in sight so I plan on making one with a 2 litre bottle just for now.

    Your pictures are amazing, yes capturing the flight as they come to the feeder with their wings spread was beautiful. I’ve started to become for of a bird watcher these days. The little horse is beautiful and so is Josie, such fun.


    • It’s one of my dreams to see a cardinal – apparently a few have been spotted around the Island but none in this neighbourhood. They are so pretty! I think you’ll enjoy bird-watching – it really grows on you. Congratulations on the grandbaby on the way!


  2. Wonderful Faves this week. I love love love those bird photos– you should make some postcards and sell them as ‘winter birds of PEI’.
    Hurray for the shower and all those itty bitty things for the new baby!


    • Thanks Willow – wish I had you near to teach me to knit some baby things! I’d love to take you to a yarn mini-mill that we have in our community. You’d love it.


  3. Your bird photos are always a delight, Kathie. And that sunrise! Makes one want to get up early! Though this time of year, it isn’t all that early for you, is it. I see the baby anticipation is building πŸ˜‰


  4. Love the photo of the purple finch. Every time I look at your photos, I wonder what kinds of birds we have here (Sacramento, CA). If your birds came around here, I could be an avid bird watcher too.

    Josie is so precious. And yes, it is evident that the rocking horse got full endorsement by her.

    I am lazy about checking the sky when I get up in the morning; I don’t have many windows in my apartment. But I could be missing out on some gorgeous sunrises. Thanks for sharing yours.


    • You’re welcome Susan! We have a lot of windows to the east so it’s hard to miss the sunrise – our western view is not as accessible since our barn blocks it. But I can catch a glimpse of it reflected on the church across the road so then I run out with my camera. I never want to miss them.


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  6. Luscious world you have there! I am thrilled that you have your camera at the ready and crazy good luck/skills at getting such great shots. The goldfinch landing had so much action!
    Your newest grandchild looks close to coming. January baby? Sweet!


  7. What a gorgeous sunrise!

    Showers are so fun but must be even more special when for a loved one. I look forward to experiencing that in a few months! πŸ™‚

    The flowers of winter – love that! We have a purple finch that comes around here just occasionally.

    That’s interesting how birds fluff themselves up to keep warm – here I thought some of the ones here were just getting fat. πŸ™‚ Great short of the one coming in for a landing!


    • I used to think the birds were fat too but then learned how they keep warm. It’s pretty fascinating. You’re going to love those baby showers and everything else that comes with grand-parenting. There’s nothing like it!


  8. “The flowers of Winter” – I love that!!! We have been enjoying the birds at our feeder as well. You have captured some amazing shots. Your little Josie on her horse is so adorable and it looks like you will soon have another grand to love. Your DIL is so pretty. All the best to you – I always love reading your fffs…..


    • Glad you enjoy them Rosella. I read that “Flowers of winter” quote somewhere and can’t remember where. I think it perfectly describes the birds – we enjoy their bright, cheery colours especially in a world of white.


  9. Ellen says:

    Oh dear…that little one loving her horse is so darn cute!!
    Love all your photos but the birds always thrill me.
    Lots of blessings to be sure…


  10. Oh my gracious, that little Josie is adorable on the rocking horse. And yes, I think she LOVES it! Love your beautiful bird pictures as usual. You see such gorgeous birds around your place. I sure don’t see any like that. When we don’t have a cat anymore I’ll consider putting up a bird feeder. And the sunrise…breathtaking!


    • She does love it doesn’t she Susanne! Re bird feeders and cats – we have a cat and just make sure the feeders are good and high. And we’ve tripled-belled our cat too. It has seemed to work.


  11. It has been a while since I have been around here to PEI! I love your bird display. It looks a lot like ours. We also have the purple finch at our feeders. Your friends/daughter coffee sounds really nice! Baby showers are so fun! It has been a long time since I have attended a shower. Can’t wait for it to be for one of our own.


  12. Bev K says:

    I love your shots of the birds. We’ve not been as faithful keeping our feeder full lately. The birds still have plenty of choice as winter seems to be remaining green here.
    Thank you again for the lovely photos – the one of the finch landing on the feeder is superb!


    • Glad you enjoy the bird photos Bev. I think that the key to keeping the birds is keeping the feeders filled. We let them go in the fall and it took a few weeks to get them back.


  13. Tina says:

    Thank Kathy .
    Enjoying your pictures again look forward to them ,very jealous of all the birds that you have I have very few small birds lot of Blue Jays. Tina


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