Sunlit Sunday, winter

Sunlit Sunday

The sun hasn’t broken through the clouds much this week on the Island. But Sunlit Sunday gives me a good excuse to search through my photo files for pictures from brighter days.

I love to capture the sun as it rises each morning and our church makes a lovely sunrise setting.

StJohns2_Christmas13The steeple catches the first rays.

St Johns_verticalSome mornings the sun casts a pale pink glow

StJohns2_winter_morning_cropand on other mornings, it pulls out all the stops and paints the sky a rosy wash.

church_winter3Hope the sun is shining on your Sunday. Thanks for visiting!

For more Sunlit Sundays visit Karen at My Little Home and Garden.

Sunlit Sunday



37 thoughts on “Sunlit Sunday

  1. Hi Kathy, We have a very snowy day here in VA and it’s just a perfect time for catching up on some long-overdue blog reading! Your photos of your church are just beautiful! Love the gravestones in the snow and the sky colors. We visited friends near Ottawa over New Year’s and experienced some sub zero temps….thought of you in your Canadian neck of the woods. Okay, now I’m headed to read the rest of your posts that I’m behind on.


  2. Pondside says:

    Once again I’m struck by the difference between our islands at this time of year.
    The church is so beautiful – I’d be lurking to photograph it in all seasons.


  3. Such a beautiful church. The rosy pink sunset is really stunning.

    Your island weather couldn’t be more different than that on our island on the other side of the country. No snow here!


    • Yes we’re in the thick of winter here – that’s for sure! Definitely 4 seasons here on PEI – although some would say we don’t have much of a spring – just mud season 🙂


  4. Debbie Z. says:

    What lovely photos. Your white church in the snow is a beautiful image and brings to mind John 11:25, “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” Hallelujah. Thank you for a Sunday blessing.


  5. Your church is so pretty at any time, Kathie. These photos are gorgeous, especially that pink sky one. You live in a beautiful spot! Thanks for visiting. It’s snowing here this afternoon – our first snow in almost 3 weeks.


  6. Shining here, k, as light snow flutters down and mama Erin and new baby Levi snuggle in bed. I played hooky from church to stay here with them and cook a stew and bake t’s artisan bread. Sweet blessings to you today.

    And much love …


  7. Wow such beautiful photos of the church—I so enjoyed looking at these. When I was a kid we used to sometimes camp on the St. Lawrence seaway. We visited Prince Edward Is too—the ferry ride over was memorable for me.


    • Not as many take the ferry nowadays Kim – not since we got the link. But when I grew up it was the only way to get on and off the Island. I’m glad we still have one ferry terminal left but I must admit that the link is very convenient.


  8. Thank you for returning to Sunlit Sunday this week, Cathie. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting your island a couple of times and know that you have so much beauty there to appreciate.

    Your church looks wonderful, nesting on the snow with the pink sky, soft or deep, highlighting its steeple and walls. It must have been an enjoyable, peaceful time when you took these photographs. I feel serene just looking at them.



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