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fff ~ looking back and ahead

Good Friday morning everyone! Welcome to Friday’s Favourite Five.

What a change in a week – from a January thaw, with its rain and slush, back to deep winter. But don’t think I mind. This is winter and I am a Canadian 🙂

ice_branch Besides, the sparkling white and deep blue give such scope for the camera!

And it’s fun to play in the snow – rosy-cheeked children are one of my loveliest winter memories. Which leads to my first favourite this week:

1.  Children in the snow – Oh dear, I’ve spent far too much time looking through my old photos, but it brings back such lovely memories. I conclude that I have far too many Christmas and birthday party pictures and not enough of everyday life ~ like sweet little boys playing in the snow

John-Alec and Robbie ~ Winter, 1989

or  skating down on the pond.


Skating on MacPherson’s Pond ~ James, Sarah, Colin (our neighbour and now, one of the band boys) John-Alec, Robbie and Andrew ~ 1999

Oh those cold, rosy cheeks! They were so kissable. And they still are! James and John came out to Belfast  to play hockey with their friends on the pond.

boys_hockeyMaking memories still!

2. My apologies if you get tired of my bird pictures. I can’t help it – I may need an intervention 🙂

finch_golden_sunriseThe American Goldfinches are such obliging models. Isn’t that a sweet little pose with his head tilted – very demure. I love the sun rising in the background. I think I took 150 pictures to get this one with the finch framed in the golden sunrise light.

Here’s a favourite from this week.

finch_eye2I never noticed the detail in the finch’s eye before. In all my other American Goldfinch  photos, the eyes look solid black. But apparently, they aren’t. In this shot, it looks as if they have blue eyes. So pretty!

3. Speaking of pretty models – Sarah needed a headshot for an audition this week so we headed out on a cold day to snap a picture or two 150. She was getting a “little” chilly by the time we were through. But it was worth it. (You may notice that she’s following in the footsteps of Ellen’s girl, Katie.  Pretty red hair!)

Sarah_K_MacPhee_smMy sweet girl ~ a beauty inside and out.

4.  We had a fierce winter blizzard this week with a record snowfall of 37.4 centimetres! That’s 14.72 inches for my American friends.  And that’s a lot of shovelling – ask Roger 🙂 I’m so thankful for such a master snow shoveller.

after_storm_walkWe have a long driveway, so a tractor with a snow blower does that job for us. It’s very cool to watch the snow cascading out of the funnel. (Sarah just told me they used to stand underneath that snowfall when they were little. Aren’t you glad there were some things you never knew?!)

5. And now for my final fff ~ John, one of our band boys, just released a new song on Soundcloud. Kathleen  is co-writer. Click through for a listen!

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

I must admit – it’s one of my all-time favourites! 🙂

Well, I began this Friday Fave with a look back in time and I’m ending with a look ahead. I think 2014 is going to be a very exciting and blessed year!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your visits and sweet comments.

Many blessings to you and yours!

with love,

PS – for more Friday Favourite fun, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

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29 thoughts on “fff ~ looking back and ahead

  1. How fun to look back at all that snowy fun! I saw a quote on FB the other day, “My favorite part of winter is watching it on TV from California.” I must include your fun crystalline beautifully icy glittery photos 🙂


  2. Kathie, I shall enable your addiction to bid photos–no problem–since you are encouraging me in my BEACH picture taking.
    Now I know where all our Southern California precipitation went–to PEI! We are having a drought and you are snow bound. BTW, what is this S.N.O.W. word you keep mentioning? It looks like powdered sugar or cotton balls. 🙂


  3. I would like such a winter too ! At least you have sunshine and even snow wouldn’t bother me ! But we have far too high temperatures for “winter” 6° to 11°C and rain ! What a lovely picture of your daughter !


  4. Love the pic of them shovelling the snow off the pond to skate. Brings back so many memories. And I shall never, ever tire of your bird pictures! Lovely picture of Sarah. Yes, we’ve done the major shoveling thing quite a few times this year already.


    • Thanks Susanne – that’s one of my favourite old pictures too. It’s been quite a winter for shovelling all across the country – and for cold temperatures too. We’re getting our fill of winter this year for sure!


  5. Laura Lee Groves says:

    I never get tired of your pictures, and the bird ones are especially sweet, I think. Love the “boy pics” — every day life! Have a great week ahead.


  6. That snow blower is amazing! My 4 year old would lose his head with excitement watching that thing go. :o) I adore how you capture light in your photos- especially in the ice and snow on the branches. And your daughter is lovely. :o)


  7. I really like these photos of your children through the years enjoying winter. And your bird photos are always so nice to see. They’re beautiful. Sarah is a beauty and has gorgeous red hair. {our youngest grandson has red hair too!} You certainly got walloped with the snow this week. It missed us and we got just a few flurries, but, tomorrow we may get up to 15 cm. and the same again on Monday. Guess it’s making up for the lack of snow this month. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Pamela, I only wished I had taken a few more. Digital cameras are so wonderful – so easy to use and no developing. But the few I have are quite precious. Brings back a lot of happy memories.


  8. Sandy says:

    BRR!!! I used to live in the Tundra of Upper Mich/Wis. and haven’t
    for years….Can’t do cold anymore…But the pictures are beautiful…
    Love from NC


  9. That heartbeat is thrilling! Love that line “this is winter and I am Canadian” LOL! You know I will NEVER tire of seeing your bird shots!! Sarah is beautiful and how fun her red locks are! Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. 14+ inches! My record is 12 inches when we were in SC, but that was rare – we usually only get 1 -2″ once it twice a year. I guess it is a good thing to like snow if you live in Canada! Having that kind of equipment for clearing the snow is a big plus.

    Your bird photos are SO gorgeous. As is your daughter!


  11. Jill says:

    I have read one can claim a perfect bird photo if the eye is in perfect focus. A++ on that goldfinch photo Kathie! And the ice clinging to the branches was spectacular too.
    Can’t wait to see you “holding” what this year holds for you! Ditto me…and that something will be wearing blue!


  12. Bev K says:

    Kathie – I’ll never tire of your gorgeous bird pictures – What an amazing God we have to create such beauty and allow us to re-create it in pictures. Your camera skills inspire me!
    And I’m with you when it comes to old photos however mine are not so readily accessible – they are still in boxes and albums and need to be loaded on to the computer!


    • I”m glad you enjoy my bird pictures Bev – I feel that amazement whenever I take any nature shots. I’m so thankful for our creative God and all the beauty He’s surrounded us with.

      Most of my photos are in boxes or albums too. But I scanned a number of them for wedding slideshows. I need to do more but it’s a time-consuming job!


  13. amy says:

    Kathie~I tried to listen to the song by clicking on the image…..but all it did was take me to the site and then proceed to load it rapidly…..Do I need to be a member of the Soundcloud site? I would love to hear it and tried youtube but could not find it.


    • Sorry you couldn’t hear it Amy. You probably do have to be a soundcloud member. I think it’s free. I tried to embed it in the blog but it didn’t work. It’s not actually a “song” – just a cute way my son and dil thought of to announce their pregnancy – it’s the baby’s heartbeat 🙂


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