Hi everyone and welcome to Friday’s blessing list.

We’re having  a “good old-fashioned winter” here in Canada – and in the States, too, from what I hear. And what does that mean exactly?

1. Snow! Lots of it here on the Island. And a few storms thrown in the mix, though not as many as my blogging friends in Ontario have experienced. But there’s usually a fresh fall of snow every morning and you know what that mean – winter photo ops!

snowy_branch Tired, dirty, half-melted piles of snow don’t work for the camera. We’ll get plenty of those in the early spring. But for now, while we’re in the deep of a Canadian winter, I’m thankful for pure white winter loveliness.

2. After a long winter walk, it’s a blessing to come home to a warm fire, a tea kettle singing on the stove and a cosy kitty – on her favourite perch, the back of my comfy chair.

MIla_stove_143. And for more winter cosiness, there’s nothing like the fragrance of home-baked goodness from the kitchen. My sweet daughter in law, Kathleen, asked her facebook friends what their favourite smell was. I put ocean air, clover and lemons. Mmm mm, I love lemon fragrance. So when I saw this recipe for lemon raspberry muffins, I gave it a try.

Lemon_MuffinThey turned out perfectly – moist, flavourful and packed with a lemon punch.  I added more lemon zest than the recipe suggested – next time I think I’d replace even more of the liquid with lemon juice too) The recipe called for raspberries, which I didn’t have on hand, but frozen blueberries worked perfectly.

Lemon_Muffin2Lemon Raspberry Blueberry Muffins – delicious!

4. Even when you enjoy winter, January, in particular, seems to drag a bit. Events like Music PEI Week, add some excitement and help break it up.  Our sons’ band, Paper Lions, was nominated for seven awards this year.

John_SongwriterJohn (far right) at the Songwriters Concert.

The Song Writer of the Year award was announced on Thursday and Paper Lions won for My Friend, from their album of the same name.

The rest of the awards will be announced tomorrow night at the Gala. We have our tickets. Looking forward to a lovely evening out with my beloved. And fingers crossed for the band!

5. The excitement doesn’t stop there.  Tomorrow is February 1st.  A precious little bundle  is due to make an appearance this month. Anticipation is mounting. Maybe the arrival will coincide with  Grampie’s 60th birthday – wouldn’t that be sweet?!

Rob_Dorothy_babykinsRobbie, Dorothy & babykins

Keep your eyes open for those winter blessings – they’re all around!

Thanks for visiting!

with love,

PS ~ For more Friday blessing lists, drop over to visit our lovely hostess Susanne!

FFF birds on a wire

14 thoughts on “FFF~winter blessings

  1. miaslovetree says:

    Love your fur baby’s fluffy orange face! So precious! And congrats on the new addition- hoping for a smooth delivery. The light in your first picture of the snow is just stunning. Really, lovely. Enjoyed your son’s band’s song as well. I tried to follow a link you posted previously and it didn’t work, so the imbedded video was a great idea. :o)


  2. susan2009 says:

    How fun to be expecting a new grand child. I just celebrated my grand daughter’s 1st birthday on Feb 2. It was a delight.

    I love lemon too. These muffins are on my list. I never heard of using a vegetable peeler to take the zest off lemons. Did you chop them finely or put them into a food processor.

    Hurray for Paper Lions. Cute way to “cc” the words (on the video you posted).


  3. nikkipolani says:

    You always manage to make those snowy wintry days so pretty. And along with all these cozy, fragrant, dear blessings? Wonderful!


  4. Rosella says:

    Love, love the song and congrats to The Paper Lions – that’s amazing! So many Winter Blessings indeed!!! Keeping you in my prayers as you anticipate the arrival of that precious bundle!!!


  5. Thank you for sharing the lemon-raspberry muffin raspberry recipe. I want to try it!

    I can feel the excitement of the soon-to-arrive newborn. :))


  6. Willow says:

    Your faves are great this week! Winter wonderland (what’s that white stuff called? snow?) And your sweet kittykins.
    Hurray for your boys! And blessings to your grandbaby to be–such wonderful anticipation!


  7. Susanne says:

    Congrats to your boys and their band. Their hard work is paying off! What a sweet family pic. So exciting that the time is almost here. I love lemon, both the taste and the smell. I’m not a big baker but I sure want to make lemon blueberry muffins now.


  8. Your pictures are, as usual, just beautiful! Congrats on the grandbaby! And congrats to Paper Lions! Have a great week ahead.


  9. Faith says:

    Love your faves this week, Kathie!! here in eastern NY we don’t have much snow at all but the bitter cold temps made another appearance until this afternoon when it turned a balmy 26 F!! WHOO HOO!! I just might go on a flat hike in a state forest this weekend out towards a lake I like in the southern Adirondacks. YAY for that almost grandbaby getting here….and yay for your sons’ accomplishment with the music!! that is fantastic. I have a lemon blueberry muffin recipe to try that I clipped from a magazine several weeks ago…..you have inspired me to try it this weekend…AND I just discovered a lemon cookie to bake for Valentine’s day….I think I’ll post the recipe on my blog at some point net week. Happy weekend and enjoy that pretty snow.


  10. Barbara H. says:

    Congratulations to the band! And how exciting to be expecting a little one any day.

    I have to admit I’d prefer the warm fire and a cup of coffee to the walk in the snow, but it sure is pretty in your photos!


  11. Deb says:

    Well, Kathie, it does sound like you’re getting quite a winter!!! I just dropped you an email and said that I hoped you weren’t experiencing a lot of snow and frigid weather! But maybe that’s par for the course in Canada!! I should have read your post first!

    How very special to be anticipating another little one…and oh, maybe it will appear on Grampie’s birthday!! That would be extra special. Keep us updated! And the photos you took in the snow and at the farm were wonderful!


  12. Jill says:

    A little Valentine’s sweetheart would be fun.
    I notice Mia is has a nice winter chub inter her chin…hmmm, seems like something I see around here and not just on the cats. Congrats on the Paper Lion’s win!


  13. ellen b says:

    A winter wonderland for sure! Love those photos. The muffins look delicious. What fun to be anticipating little ones arrival in February!!


  14. Kathie, I love your blessings list today. So many sweet moments to savour and enjoy. So exciting for your family and your son’s band too. And, a new baby coming in February! Blessings abundant!! Enjoy the weekend.


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