Welcome to Friday’s blessing list – so many events this week! And so much fun looking back.

1. My Friends – the highlight of the week happened last Saturday when our boys’ band, Paper Lions, won 6 awards for their new album at the Island Music Awards. Such an exciting night! We’re looking forward to what happens at the East Coast Music Awards this April.

paper12(Listen to the band’s music on their youtube channel)

2. Farm friends  – When our good friend, Peter, told me there were some new lambs at the farm, I said I’d be over on the next sunny day.

Penny farmThe farm is a busy spot right now – new lambs, calves, hens and too many barn kittens to count.

peter_farm33. Animal friends – Peter’s dog has adopted the lambs.


Peter_dog_lambs2_smCuteness alert!



All tuckered out

peter_lambs4Aren’t they sweet?

3. Feathered Friends – Introducing “Ethel“, Peter’s tame Canada Goose.


ethel2I didn’t record sound but believe me – Ethel likes to make herself heard.

ethel_talk4. More feathered friends – at the feeder.  American Goldfinch with a sunflower seed. (caught the light in the eye Jill!)

finch_febUmmm . . . maybe not so friendly in this shot.

finch_duel1Actually it looks more like a feud. The American Goldfinches are feisty little things.

finch_duel5. Family friends and showers

Roger and I had a lovely night out with our brother and sister-in-law Lindsay and MaryLu last weekend. No pictures of us but this is what we did.


Winterdine is a wonderful event held each winter in Charlottetown. Participating restaurants offer a delicious 3 course menu for $25 or $35. I had the scallops on the far left – so good!

Two baby showers this week – such fun! One for Abbie, my friend Rinda’s daughter and just like a daughter to us. She and her husband, Andy, (who plays lead guitar for Robin Mark’s band) are expecting their first little one in March.


Photo credit- Andy

The other shower was a double family one for Dorothy and her wee one, and for our niece, Sapphire, with her brand new boy, Simon, born in December.

Fam_showerSimon – Ryan and Sapphire’s sweet baby boy.


Photo credit – Sapphire

And more family ~ the wee grandgirlie hasn’t made an appearance for a week or so on Nannie’s blog. How can that be?? 🙂 But she did appear on facebook this week and I can’t help “borrowing” the shots.

On Kathleen’s page – with the caption “We sure do love this little girl!

josie_teapartyand on Sarah’s page with the caption “Sometimes we make faces.

Sarah&Josie_FACESRoger can always tell by my face when I see a picture of Josie on facebook – it’s the melt.my.heart. look 🙂

Thanks so much for joining me in a look back over the week. I’m so thankful for you – my blogging friends.

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS  – For more Friday blessings visit Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story.

FFF birds on a wire

13 thoughts on “fff ~ friends

  1. Nan says:

    I just bought the album!! It’s wonderful. You could be their agent. :<))
    And I love the dog licking the lambies. Dear.


  2. jill says:

    Gosh that barnyard visit looked fun! And the fighting goldfinch photo was awesome.
    I do hope Tate will be leaving our goldfinch alone from now on. 😦


  3. Susanne says:

    What a lovely time on the farm. The lambs are so sweet. Love the pic of the little black one resting her chin on the neck of the light colored one. Congrats to your boy’s band. Such exciting things happening for those fellas. Hard work and talent is sure paying off!


  4. jerralea says:

    Love the photos of the lambs!

    I also enjoyed the family shots – especially the grandgirlie sitting at a little table with her daddy. I once had a very similar table when I was little.


  5. nikkipolani says:

    Always a fun visit with you, Kathie. Really, adorable lambs and darling babies and pretty birds — all lovely. Congrats to your son’s band! Well done!


  6. Rosella says:

    Loved your post – congrats to those amazing Paper Lions, the lambs are so sweet, your finch pictures are amazing, and oh – the sweet little ones and ones to come. What a great week. Thanks for your weekly blessing!


  7. Debbie Z. says:

    Oh, those lamb shots take me back. My dad raised sheep on our farm when I was in high school and I spent many a winter night in the sheep barn feeding bum lambs from a bottle. Happy memories. And the lambs born in February are cuter yet in March and April when they start running through the fields and jumping up like they have springs in their legs. A joyous sign of spring and something I am sure your friend, Peter, looks forward to. All your photos today, from lambs to newborn babies, say Joy.


  8. ellen b says:

    Love looking at your week. Those lambs are so sweet with the dog! Love it. Also love the photo of your sweet grand sitting across the table from her father? Too cute!!


  9. Jane B says:

    Love your pictures and your Friday favourites.Loved the farm pictures
    Congrats to Paper Lions. Well done.


  10. Barbara H. says:

    Congratulations to Paper Lions! How exciting!

    How sweet to visit the baby lambs on the farm – that’s cute about the dog adopting them.

    Showers are so fun! Love the photos of your granddaughter.


  11. Joan says:

    Kathie, it is now becoming part of my Friday routine, get home from school, makes some tea and read your blessings. As I read this weeks, I am enjoying a muffin made from last weeks notes. Like you, I used blueberries. Thanks for your weekly list!!!


  12. I loved your photos of the visit to the farm, Kathie. Those lambs and the dog are so sweet! Lots of human babies to come too. What a blessing they are. Your goldfinch shots are super. They do like to fight too. I have noticed the males are starting to get their yellow feathers lately. A good sign. 😉


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