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Sunlit Sunday

There’s no sunshine here on the Island today. In fact, it’s a wee bit nasty outside with high winds and blowing snow.

So I’m checking the archives for some sunlit moments. This was a special one.

Snow Globe

Snow Globe

  I was out with my camera one winter afternoon.  The snow was drifting down slowly and a golden ray of sunlight lit the snowflakes from behind.

snow globe2I’ve never had every element come together in such a magical way since, although I’ve kept watch for it. It was a rare and lovely sunlit moment.

* * * * * * *

There’s a certain someone who brightens up my days just like sunshine and he’s celebrating a milestone birthday today. He’s the love of my life and I’m so happy to share every day with him.

Roger_summer_smHappy 60th sweetheart!
Want to brighten up your day? Visit Karen for more Sunlit Sundays.

Sunlit Sunday


34 thoughts on “Sunlit Sunday

  1. You’re right about the photo. It feels like those Sunday School pictures where the sun from heaven shines down. Really gorgeous. And your fella’s face is full of love for you!!


  2. Pondside says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!
    There’s no sunshine here – just wind and driving rain. I just heard that 100’s are without power, but so far my hotel is still warm and bright!


  3. Kathie you captured the light behind the snow just perfectly. So I’m to asume Spring hasn’t sprung yet? We leave NC in the morning and we wonder if we should head further South or return home. I saw the accident on the bridge today, terrible.


    • Our sister in law knew some of those people – they had just left a hockey tournament and headed home in the storm. The whiteouts were awful.

      I say head further south if you’re looking for spring – it certainly hasn’t sprung here yet 🙂


  4. Amazing catch of the backlit snow. I know what you mean about how the snowflakes turns gold in the sunshine. Kind of like how the world looks when one sees a much loved husband on his birthday, right?


    • I’m glad you like them Pam. That second one was a rare moment – I’m hoping it will happen again sometime. If it does I’ll be snapping as many pictures as i can. I don’t think I realized how rare a moment it was until afterwards.


  5. Hi Kathie,
    You captured lovely sunlit snow pics! Sorry,I am slow getting back to you but you asked about the beautiful farm with the red trim ~ it is on the Snowie Rd near Rustico.
    Happy Birthday to Roger!


    • Thanks Carolyn – I’ll have to look up Snowie Rd on google map. It was such a pretty farm – perfect for winter pictures. I’ll be sure to pass on your bday greetings to Roger.


  6. Happy 60th to your husband. He has a kind face, Kathie.

    You did, in fact, catch a couple of magical moments with the first two photos. I had wondered if a special effect was at play only to read that Mother Nature (and your keen eye) caught that special time.



    • He is a very kind man Karen – a sweetheart!

      Yes it was totally Mother Nature – the camera was even on automatic. I didn’t even realize how pretty they would turn out til I uploaded them. If I had known, I would have snapped a lot more!

      Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday Karen – I really enjoy it!


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