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fff ~ celebrations

Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Blessing List!

1. Topping the list is our Oscar celebrations. Not this one

oscar_mar4I don’t have too much interest in it.

It’s our own little Oscar we’re celebrating!

Rob_Oscar2 Oscar Wellington

born March 4, 2014

 9lbs 2oz 

21.5 inches 

Oh what a darling! I’m in baby heaven. But sweetest of all is watching Rob and Dorothy’s delight in their brand new baby son. I’m so thankful to the Lord for a safe delivery and that we’re finally holding our first little grandson. (not quite so little -good work Dorothy!!) He’s the fourth little Wellington – named for his daddy, Grampie and Great-Grampie!

2. Backing up a little – I had an assignment for the day of Oscar’s birth. A picture of the sunrise and sunset. I did even better – sunrise, sunset and shining moon!

Oscar's first day_sm3. Josie is all ready to start reading some stories to her new little cousin! We had her last weekend – fun, fun times!! When Oscar gets a little older, we’ll start having “Cousin Camp” just like Lovella and her little gang!


4. You may notice a new page on my menu bar at the top of the blog. I’m participating in this challenge –

100happydays_raanntToday is day 5 for me. It’s a lovely challenge – no comparisons or competitions – just look for the happy every day and post the picture. Happy is not hard to find – but sometimes I forget to remember! So this is a great challenge for me – and dovetails perfectly with Susanne’s Friday’s Favourite Five and Ann’s One Thousand Gifts. I’m posting on facebook and Instagram too,  with Sarah and some other friends. Let me know if you want to join the challenge and we’ll add up our happiness together!

5.  I’m heading in this afternoon to visit baby Oscar and hoping to pop in to see my grandgirlie too! Who knew that being a Nannie would be so wonderful??!! Before Josie was born, I was told, and I certainly suspected – but now I know! God is good and His blessings are endless. He knows how to fill this Nannie’s heart to overflowing. And I couldn’t be more thankful!

Thanks so much for visiting me here at A Sparrow’s Home. If you have a moment, please say hi in the comment section – I’d love to say hi to you too.

Many blessings,

with love,

PS For more Friday favourites, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.


29 thoughts on “fff ~ celebrations

  1. Oscar Wellington – how adorable is he!!! You are truly blessed with your wonderful family, Kathie. I’m sure Oscar and Josie will be featured often in your 100 days of happiness! xxoo


  2. Preciousness!!!! Congrats to all. Your hearts must be bursting – God is SO good! Oscar sure picked the perfect Nannie! Off to check out the 100HappyDays – great idea!


  3. oh Kathie!! congratulations on that brand new grandbaby boy!!!! LOVE his name…..and Josie is getting be such a big girl!!! yay for her reading books!! I LOVE when toddlers look at books. those photos on Oscar’s first day of life will be so special to his mama and papa I am sure. they are beautiful. Happy weekend and enjoy being a grandma!!


  4. How exciting! I love the name. Perfect!
    Your ideas that you have shared here are great! The first day for Oscar, the 100 day challenge! I’ll be back around to see how “little” Oscar is getting along!
    Our oldest was 9#7ounces and 21 inches. She rejoices when every baby is born in our family that does not “break” her record! Silly girl!


  5. Ellen says:

    This Oscar definitely is the best of the Oscars! Congratulations to all of you. A little girl and a little boy to delight. Love it. God is good…


  6. The emotion on the Daddy/baby bonding shot was yummy! Glad I am not the only one who thinks newborn baby feet are an absolutely must have photo!
    Is Wellington a family name, as in someone’s mother’s maiden name?
    (Don’t tell me it is because of a family love for Beef Wellington…although I suspect all the guys have been real “beef cakes” as we call cute men around our country…😉)


    • Jill, Wellington is Roger’s father’s second name – his second name – Robbie’s second name and now Oscar’s second name. So he’s Oscar Wellington the 4th 🙂


    • It is a real blessing Laura – they live 30 min away in the town where we do our shopping and errands. Our oldest lives in the UK and he’s expecting the end of the summer so I’ll learn more about long-distance grandparenting then. I”m thinking stories by Skype or facetime 🙂


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