8 thoughts on “Signs of a Northern Spring

  1. We had a lovely day yesterday. The snow is pretty much melted, but it melted so fast in the mountains that our river has gone turbid and our city is now under conserve water and boil water orders until they can get the reserves built back up. The stores had a run on bottled water and within an hour of it the boil water order being announced there was no bottled water left in the city. Fun times.


  2. We were enjoying the sunshine and slush yesterday…..today it’s a whole different story. I’m afraid the storm that hit here is on it’s way to you now. Sure glad there are signs of Spring – gives one hope of it actually happening this year!! Stay safe….


  3. I noticed a bit of puddling along the side of the road and streets this morning. The snow banks have a lot of melting to do and now we have a lot of snow coming with this storm. Take care and be safe.


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