Don’t be fooled by the Spring header -it doesn’t look like that here

and it won’t for awhile because we have another storm on the way.

The whole Island is on hold, waiting for it. It’s been predicted that it’ll be another White Juan, a massive spring snowstorm (a little irony in that phrase don’t you think?) – we even made the UK news –

Batten down the hatches: Freak spring blizzard on track to hit east coast with ‘snow bomb’ . . .

(They obviously are from the UK or they wouldn’t be calling it “freak”. It sounds like a big one but definitely not freak. Now a hurricane in March – that would definitely be freakish – but not a snowstorm. That’s so normal here that we actually look for our St Patrick’s snowstorm every year.

Still, everyone around here is complaining talking about it (and heading to the grocery store for stormchips)

march-26-stormHere, at A Sparrow’s Home, we have lots of food and wood, as well as buckets of water, flashlights powered and a crank radio just in case the power goes off – and chips and chocolate because everyone knows  a snowstorm is always a good reason to party.

My big decision is this – will I bake? Or does it look like we’ll really lose power? We don’t usually lose power in snowstorms. Baking during a storm is so common here on the Island that it’s become a hashtag #stormbaking – just like #stormchips.

I think I’ll risk it . . .

Now let me see, I’ll start off with bread,

Bread-12loavesthen maybe some jumbo cookies

Image (1) old-fashioned%20white%20raisin%20cookies.JPG for post 6195or perhaps a lemon  pie

Image (13) lemon%20chiffon%20pie%20114.JPG for post 6228Decisions, decisions . . .

Oh what the heck, I’ll make all three!

Happy Windsday! (excuse the little photoshop license with Pooh and Piglet – they weren’t dressed for our kind of Windsdays)


8 thoughts on “waiting

  1. This snow for people has got to stop. we here have received a lot of rain this week (better then snow) – Wow that’s a lot of baking. The Pie would be my favorite.


  2. Susanne says:

    Thinking of you tonight and praying its not as bad as they were predicting. Stay warm!


  3. Jill says:

    You do prepare for storms nicely. I still laugh at Houston’s predicted hurricane which lead to a run on every grocery store. I didn’t know racing to the store to buy out all the junk food protocol and by the time I got there all that was left was some bottle of Clamato juice. Eww!


  4. Rosella says:

    Love how you bake out the stormy weather!!! All looks yummy. Stay safe ….


  5. Ellen says:

    Ha! Love your Island attitude. You gotta be tough to live out these storms.


  6. Gloria Shaw says:

    I love this blog. (Well I love them all). Very fitting for today. I ate my stormchips already. Batten down the hatches everyone and stay safe!


  7. Stormchips?? That is too funny. And quite true too. I shopped yesterday, just incase, and avoided the storm chip aisle. I’ve thought of baking today but don’t really need the sweets. We are getting a breeze here but no snow yet. I think we’ll fare well with this storm but along the Bay of Fundy and on your island it will be quite nasty. Take care!


  8. beth says:

    Sounds like you’re ready for the storm! But what are stormchips. Being a southern girl, that’s one I haven’t heard : )


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