Hello there from snow-bombed PEI! We’re digging out from under the drifts, but it’s a slow process. On the bright side, I can’t go anywhere, so I have had plenty of time to write my Friday blessing list!

For the past two days the whole Island was shut down  – and the schools are closed again today, while the plows clear the snow on secondary roads. They’re calling it an epic storm. Our capital city, Charlottetown, received the most snow in the Maritimes  –  53 cm along with 100km winds, gusting to 143km.

1. There were a lot of dangerous situations, but I’m thankful no lives were lost. There were fires that fire-fighters were unable to get to because of massive white-outs and drifting on the roads. Two Maritime Electric workers were stranded in their vehicle overnight. There was a multi-car pile up on the bridge leading to Charlottetown. At one point, there were 16,000 Islanders without any power. Many people had to be rescued by good Samaritans with snowmobiles. But no lives were lost and that’s a major blessing. Thanks to all our essential service workers – nurses and doctors (our daughter in law, Nora, was one of them) who stayed at the hospital overnight to cover for those who couldn’t make it in, the RCMP, plow operators, linesmen, fire-fighters, paramedics, weather reporters and everyone who helped us stay safe through the blizzard.

And we kept our sense of humour! There were so many funny posts, videos and cartoons on facebook – here are two of my favourites:

spring_robinand this one


This little video will give you an idea of the wind. Although it sounds like traffic going by, there was no traffic – that’s the sound of the wind in the trees around the house. I took this video at the beginning of the blizzard. Sorry for the shaky hand – the wind was fierce!

The birds were very glad Roger filled the feeders before the storm – they were feeding all day long.

2. I felt sorry for those who lost power during the blizzard. Although we had a few flickers, it stayed on in our area. I was thankful not only that we had lights, water, and internet, but also that I could get my storm baking done.

storm_bread10 loaves of bread – a great batch! (Notice the view from the windows – a complete white-out!)

blizzard_breadMmm, fresh bread spread with butter and molasses – a true Maritime treat. Perfect for a Maritime blizzard.  I made jumbo cookies too, but the lemon pie was put on hold. Baking bread is a day long affair and I lost my baking steam by evening 🙂

3. This is the  view of our next-door neighbours’ home. One picture was taken in the height of the storm – and the other was taken around the same time the next day. Quite a difference.macphersonhouse3Although the sky cleared on the second day, the winds were still high and Confederation Bridge remained close for most of the day. Thankfully, it re-opened just in time for John and Kathleen to make it home from the airport in Halifax. Josie was at Kathleen’s parents for the second half of their getaway and it was a very happy reunion when her Mommy and Daddy walked in the door!

4. Although the storm has been the centre of attention most of the week, before that we still had Josie for a visit – and oh what fun!! Dancing, tea-parties, colouring, dollies, walks, blowing bubbles, waving bye bye to Grampie at the window every morning, playing piano – even a little cleaning.Josie_stay2Collage_smI noticed on facebook that she was doing a little cleaning at her other grandparents’ house too! 🙂

Josie_atcarolynsA cute little cleaning lady photographed by her other Nana! This was the facebook caption ~ “She does a good job but is easily distracted. Her rates are good though!” 🙂

5. And look at this boy growing! 3 weeks old – photographed by his mommy. We were so blessed to cuddle him for a few hours last Saturday evening while his Rob and Dorothy went out for their first date since he was born. He was as good as gold!

Oscar wellington_3 weeks

Oscar Wellington ~ 3 weeks old

That’s my blessing list for this week. I might mention the 2 storm systems that are being forecast for the upcoming week, one of which might land on my birthday!  But could I honestly add that to a blessing list?? I don’t think so! 🙂 haha! I’m not going to start a complaining list – there’s too many on the internet already!

Seriously though, thank you for dropping in today, and a special thank you to all you southern bloggers for sharing your springtime pictures with me. I love to see the bright colours and it builds the anticipation for our own beautiful Island spring  if it ever comes (oops, I slipped) for when it comes.

Many blessings to you and yours!

with love,

PS – for more blessing lists (and some gorgeous springtime pictures) visit Susanne and the Friday Favers at Living To Tell The Story

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13 thoughts on “fff ~ digging out

  1. anneliese says:

    I’m impressed with you baking all that bread and happy the power stayed on to get it done!
    Nothing like a cozy, warm kitchen in the midst of a storm.


  2. Willow says:

    Oh Kathie, your last sentences made me laugh! You feel about spring the way I’m feeling about Easter break–but I’m not complaining!

    Wow, those videos and photos show the intensity of the storm. I’m thankful no one was killed.

    I hope you are NOT having another storm today on your birthday…Happy Birthday!


  3. nikkipolani says:

    Storm Baking is a great tradition when you have so many on the calendar! You certainly did storm through those loaves of bread. But spring will come and with it some beautiful colors in your own world. We have proof — just look at the history of your blogs 🙂


  4. Debbie Z. says:

    “But beneath the ermine robes of snow beats the heart of spring…For there are sleeping seeds dreaming below the drifts…filled with life…waiting for the warm winds and the strong sun. For after winter, spring shall come, and the mysterious force that touches the seed, the leaf, the opening petals, touches as hearts as well.” – Dean Walley
    So glad, Kathie, that you and those you love made it very safety through the storm. And those little birds are so strong to hang onto the feeders like that in all the wind. God’s creation is just amazing.


  5. Susanne says:

    I was thinking of you over the past few days! So glad there was no fatalities in that crazy storm and that you stayed nice and sheltered and warm. Your video reminded me of here. This wind sounds the same in Southern Alberta as it does in PEI when it decided to get vicious. I always feel sorry for our fine feathered friends in that kind of weather!

    I can almost smell your bread. Yummy!


  6. Gattina says:

    Goodness me ! You still have snow and on top a storm ? Terrible, fortunately spring moved in here now ! Your grandkids are so cute !


  7. Rosella says:

    I love your ff.’s!!! So glad everyone stayed safe during this, yet another, crazy storm! I giggled at your “funnies”. Your storm baking looks amazing and so glad the power stayed on so you could get it done! Your grands are so adorable.


  8. Jody says:

    Goodness gracious! Sounds like it was a big one! We’re expecting a spring snowstorm in a couple of days — 12-18″. The good thing is that it’ll melt down fast (hopefully). Cute cleaning lady you have there!


  9. Faith says:

    Wow that is some storm you all had up there! I am happy to report that tonite it is 44 degrees F and rainy!!!! Most of our snow here is gone except where the sun didn’t get to it and of course in the mountains the melt is very slow due to bitter cold last week. I’m loving all the pics of your grandchildren!! And that bread!!! It’s making me crave bread and jam!! Great list of faves, Kathie, here’s to hoping you are done with snowstorms until next winter!!


  10. Ellen says:

    Oh boy…you really got it good this time. So glad your power stayed on and those beautiful loaves got baked! Your little blessings are so very cute. Have a great weekend.


  11. Jill says:

    Awesome video Kathie! I kept thinking those birds are crazy; guess they figured they had better gobble seeds while they could. Wonder where they blew to once they left the feeders?

    Josie is being a modern Cinderella Princess using a vacuum instead of sweeping with a broom!


  12. Bev Klassen says:

    So glad you stayed safe and warm and were able to do your “storm baking” I’d love a loaf of that lovely looking bread.
    Your grand children are adorable – and is there anything nicer than another baby?
    Thanks for sharing your stormy week with us. I know you must be so tired of winter however, your cheerful attitude is an encouragement to us all to look for blessings in the midst of things we can’t control. I’ll do my best to send some of our Spring rain your way.


  13. That was a great post and certainly a blessing that you all made it through the horrible blizzard. I don’t think anyone lost their life in the storm which is amazing really. Something to truly be thankful for. Sweet pics of Josie. What a cutie she is. Spring will come, just not when we expect it to. Blessings, Pam


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