It’s Friday and time to say thanks for all the blessings!

1. Watching our girl in her final show with the School of Performing Arts, Holland College.

Sarah_performance She had an amazing performance – singing, acting and dancing. We’re so proud of her!

2.  A birthday celebration! John turned 29 on the 26th.

John_Kathleen_Josie_April_14smA sweet little family!

JOhn2_29Teaching Josie to blow out the birthday candles. She’s getting quite a bit of practice lately – we’ve had 4 birthdays in one month just on our side of the family.

3. You may have noticed something in the picture above – birthday pie and not cake.

John_pieThis is John’s favourite, and most requested, dessert – Butterscotch Pie. I wanted to share the recipe because it is SO good. You’ll find it here, at Warm Vanilla Sugar . It’s appropriately called “Nanny’s Butterscotch Pie” 🙂

4. Woods walking! The snow has finally melted enough in the woods so that I can go for a walk there. There are still some patches left in the low lying areas, but for the most part, the trails are open. It’s so lovely to hear the springtime songs of the birds among the trees. I spied this tiny surprise when I was out on my walk.

crocus_woods5.  Yesterday I had a lovely walk and teatime with the www – complete with a visit to the horse paddock to see this sweet, one day old, foal.

Horses5_ShirlHorses3_ShirlHorses_ShirlIsn’t he adorable?


Here’s a bonus favourite for you – look who’s smiling!

oscar_smilingThanks for dropping by ~ hope you enjoyed your visit!

Happy Friday!

with love,

PS – for more FFF fun, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The StoryFFF tulips

10 thoughts on “Friday’s favourites

  1. willowknits says:

    Happy Birthday for your son! Spring, after a long winter, is so very welcome! Love those crocuses peeking up. The best, though, was that little smile! (Sorry I’m so late getting around for FFF)


  2. marg says:

    Your FAVE FIVE always have so much depth…from the foal to the smile of your youngest. My son just had his birthday and it was Strawberry shortcake…his favorite. You have a great eye for photography.


  3. Ellen says:

    Such a lot of blessings! Sweet photos of all the little ones including that foal!


  4. Rosella says:

    Beautiful pictures Kathy!! Your son’s birthday and that sweet little Josie – oh my!! Thanks for the pie recipe. I know someone who absolutely loves this pie too and have rarely made it. The Spring foul is takes my breath away – so beautiful!!


  5. Kim says:

    All so beautiful.


  6. Susanne says:

    I like the idea of birthday pie! I may have to take on that tradition! Sweet family pictures. I can’t believe how fast those little ones are growing.


  7. jerralea says:

    Great photos, Kathie! Love the pic of your son with his wife and daughter. They each looked so happy! I adore the one of the horse and foal as well. Your smiling grandson was a wonderful end to your post. You are blessed.

    Oh and congratulations to your daughter. I’m sure she had many wonderful experiences at the School of Performing Arts.


  8. Barbara H. says:

    I like the idea of a birthday pie!

    Happy birthday to your son!

    What a cute little foal. And baby! 🙂

    Love the crocus (at least that’s what it looks like). I’d love to plant some for next year.


  9. So glad you like the recipe for butterscotch pie! It’s always been my favorite 🙂


  10. Kathie, your grandkids are so sweet! And I love the photos of the horse and foal. Spring is finally appearing in our part of the world. Have a wonderful weekend!


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