This past week ~

1. Hurricane Arthur came with wild winds


“Hang on to her John!” Photo by Kathleen

and impressive waves

WI_stormbut not very much rain. We lost power a couple of times but, thankfully, only for a few hours. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were hit much harder than the Island. Many trees were downed and some areas were without power for several days.

2.  Check this fun video clip out –  Paper Lions hobnobbing with Anne of Green Gables!

Paper_Lions_green gables

Beetle Roadtrip Session – CBC

Honestly, it’s a little surreal to see a shot of my boys’ band with one of my favourite literary characters! 🙂 The show,  The Beetle Roadtrip Sessions, is hosted by Grant Lawrence.

3. Apparently, this Prince Edward Island travel guide has been seen in airports as far away as the USA west coast. And look who’s on the cover page – Sarah, in her role as a Mother of Confederation. If you ever see it, drop me a note and let me know!

Sarah_Confed player_sm
4. Look what we’re enjoying! Finally!!

strawberries_14They’re a little late this year due to our cold, wet spring. I don’t know if it was the waiting, but they seem extra sweet this year.

5.  I’ll leave you with a few scenes of Island life that I’ve enjoyed this week . . .

thinking_spota quiet spot to think and pray

PInette_harboursunset on the Pinette River

PInette_blossomBlossoms everywhere

walk, swim, breathe the salty air . . .

Image (2) beach_brackley.JPG for post 6205Thanks so much for dropping by!

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS – For more Friday Favourites, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

FFF daisies2

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Favourites

  1. Sara says:

    You do live in a gorgeous place. It must be wonderful to have so many quiet places to go when you feel the need for silence and the beauty of nature!


  2. Willow says:

    Wonderful photos of your beaches! You know my love of those 🙂
    I’ll be looking out for that poster with Sarah on it!
    I’m glad you missed the worst of the hurricane.


  3. nikkipolani says:

    Always good to see the beauties of your island — especially the ones related to you 😉


  4. Rosella says:

    The video and poster are fabulous!!! What a famous family! Glad the weather didn’t do too much damage. You live in such a glorious place – thanks for sharing it!


  5. Faith says:

    I feel refreshed just from gazing at your photos!! Yay for that travel brochure and your girl!! that must be thrilling! Your granddaughter is growing too fast!! enjoy the summer weather and all that it brings, Kathie. Someday we DO plan on getting up there!!


  6. jerralea says:

    I always think that PEI must be the most gorgeous place on earth after reading one of your posts!

    Love the Paper Lions meet Anne Shirley! Couldn’t get the video to work but I will try it again.


  7. Ellen says:

    Love the wind whipping up her hair in that first shot! Beautiful scenes. Your Paper Lions are having the time of their lives…
    I will keep my eyes peeled for those PEI travel brochures!


  8. anneliese says:

    From one side to the other… what a beautiful country we live in and you capture it so well.
    How fun for you to see your family enjoying their gifts/talents, even to have Anne show up! =)


  9. Susanne says:

    How fun that Anne would drop by to watch the group. That is a priceless photo. As is the one of Sarah. Haven’t seen it around here but if I do I’ll sure let you know! As usual your pictures of just beautiful!


  10. It’s been another exciting week for you. 🙂 Love the beach scene at the end. Blessings, Pam


  11. Barbara H. says:

    I’m glad the hurricane didn’t affect you too badly.
    What a fun picture with the band and “Anne”!
    Neat about the travel guide! And you always have such lovely photos of the island.


  12. beth says:

    You live in such a gorgeous place, k! Thanks for sharing its beauty and special delights with us. LOVE the Beetle roadtrip video, too. How fun.


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