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Happy times

It’s Friday and we’re counting blessings.

1. Beach time with these three . . . soon to become four!

JKJ_Brackley_collage22. A beautiful, clear night to see the supermoon, July 12th.

3. Fun at the boys’ concert last evening – even in the rain!

Boys_show_2014They put on quite a show, despite the downpour. There was a group of intrepid fans gathered around the stage, but the rest of us watched from underneath a tent. We had a great view on the big screens. The show was part of 2014 Celebration Zone, a seventy day festival celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference. It’s been awesome so far, with free concerts, events and activities every day

Jphn_showOscar, Dorothy and her dad enjoying the show.

D_O_DOscar and Poppy.

4. Although it was too bad the boys’ show was rained on, my flowers and veggie garden were pretty happy with the downpour. They needed it.

lily_2014 garden_2014 Snowball_2014_sm
5. The air is so lovely and fresh today. Such a nice change from the humidity of the past week. We Islanders aren’t used to humidity and we tend to droop 🙂

curtain_breezeCurtains blowing in the breeze ~ quintessentially summer. It makes me happy.

Wishing you much happiness this week.

with love,

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FFF daisies2


21 thoughts on “Happy times

  1. Oh, I can feel that beautiful breeze! Josie is so adorable and barefoot on the beach makes for some wonderful pictures! Your garden looks great! Here’s to another full and summery week!


  2. marg says:

    Your life is getting fuller and fuller with the little grands. How special is that and you introduce them to the world about them. Some beautiful photo shots. Kathi!


  3. I love a fresh breeze blowing through a window clad in crisp curtains! Looks like summer to me, also.

    Gorgeous pics – especially the moon photo!

    Glad the boys group was featured at the Celebration.


  4. love all your photos as usual and that little J is getting so darn big!! I love that her mama put the headphones on her 🙂 Yay for lower humidity here too…windows have been open ever since Tuesday!! I am soooo thankful for no central air to be on!!


  5. Oh, I like the look of your garden. So tidy and productive! I don’t think I’ve seen a concert in the rain — not with all those electronics…

    And to answer the librarian question about my reading habits: some for study (Randy Alcorn’s Heaven, sermon messages on the topic) some for fun (Long Gone by Alafair Burke, The Dirty Life by Kristen Kimball).


    • Thanks Ann – I’m an incurable book snoop 🙂 I haven’t read Alcorn’s Heaven yet but I want to. I wondered about the electronics too but the stage was totally covered. John got wet when he went out among the crowd.


  6. How fun that your boys were included in that festival! It’s been humid here too and we’ve had some pretty big thunderstorms. The huge hailstorm missed us, I’m very thankful for that! It’s also been very strange because we are getting lots of smoke and haze from the forest fires in B.C. and Banff.


  7. Love the beach photos – looks like everyone is having such a great time.

    I’m sorry the concert got rained on. I’m glad some fans braved it!

    Love that last photo – a perfect picture of summer.


    • The garden is Roger’s work of art! I planted some of it but he’s in charge of weeding 🙂 I do the flowers. We’ve just harvested some sugar snap peas – they’re so good!


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