It’s Friday and time to count blessings!

1.  It’s been a fabulous fall so far. Lovely warm temperatures and we’re still enjoying our flowers – we haven’t had even a touch of frost yet.Fall_gardenI love my kitchen table bouquets.

kitchen_bouquetFor a little garden experiment, Roger and I decided to plant a Sept. crop of lettuce and sugar snap peas. The lettuce is almost ready to eat and the sugar snap peas are in blossom. I don’t know if the frost will hold off long enough for the peas to mature  – it will be a first for us if they do.

Fall_vegs2. A rare visitor to the feeder – a purple finch.


3. Our belated family get-together for Sarah’s birthday. I caught this sweet little moment with Auntie Nora and baby Isaiah.

Nora_isaiahWe enjoyed a lovely meal – it was my first time making home-made Fettuccine Alfredo. How could something not taste good when the prime ingredients are whipping cream and butter? 🙂

And afterwards a campfire requested by the birthday girl

Sarah_bday_campfire(a phone picture – one of these days I’m getting equipped to take night-time pictures!)

4. Apple-picking fun! It’s a MacPhee family tradition from way back.

apple picking days - 1992

Apple picking 1992

And the tradition continues. Robbie, Dorothy and Oscar had their first family outing to the orchard last week.Apple_collageIt looks like they had a fun time! 🙂 Wish we could have all gone together but it didn’t work out for us. So glad we have the pictures to enjoy.

And I’m heading off later today with John, Kathleen, Josie and Isaiah for another orchard adventure. Photos to follow!

5. Speaking of photos, my camera is working overtime.

Sar_jo_OctAutumn on PEI is a photographer’s dream.

Culloden_road_autumn_sigPhoto ops around every turn.

Knox_dam4_2014_smA kaleidoscope of colour.

Jacks_rd_mapleGod’s amazing creation!

Central_Rd_autumnA busy weekend’s ahead.  A day of prayer tomorrow, our wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at church on Sunday, a special Missions service Sunday night and then on Monday, our annual Thanksgiving hike and dinner. Roger’s parents are joining us  – such a gift to have four generations together!

We’ll be missing Andrew, Hyekoo and baby Kinsey – can you believe our little globe-trotting grand-daughter? She and Hyekoo are in Korea visiting with Hyekoo’s family. A 10 hour flight from the UK –  Hyekoo is a wonderfully brave mama! They arrived tired but safe and sound.

Kinsey_carseatSweet baby girl!

Thanks so much for visiting this week. I want to wish a very blessed Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends. Here’s my Thanksgiving prayer for all of you.


with love,

PS ~ Joining with Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

FFF fall background

18 thoughts on “October thanks . . .

  1. Deb says:

    Hi Kathie,
    I’m just checking in to wish you a very Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Would you believe we actually had Canadian guests over the weekend; they just left on Monday, and I totally forgot to tell them Happy Thanksgiving! Ack!

    Loved your wonderful pictures as always…and now with all these new babies, you’ll have many more subjects for your photography!


    1. Kathie says:

      Thanks so much Deb!!


  2. anneliese says:

    Beautiful photos! Both of the apple harvest and autumn colors. I think you are ahead of us this year.


    1. Kathie says:

      It looks quite fallish Anneliese but it’s very warm – 20 degrees yesterday. We’re enjoying it!


  3. Susanne says:

    Oh my goodness! I just drank in all your lovely photos! I can’t believe you have such gorgeous flowers stil! We did have frost a night or two so most of the flowers are done for here, although I do have one planter that is under a covered porch that is hanging in there.


    1. Kathie says:

      Thanks Susanne! Our flowers are still hanging on. Getting kind of scraggly now, though.


  4. nikkipolani says:

    Mmmmm, the richness of all those colors. That autumnal sunshine surely loves your island 🙂


    1. Kathie says:

      It’s a feast for the eyes Anne!


  5. Willow says:

    I’m so glad you are storing up all that marvelous color for me right now! Here we are mostly just brown, dirt dry brown. I’ll save up some ocean snapshots for you for winter 🙂 PEI is a beautiful place!
    Sweet photos of the little ones–you are blessed!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Kathie says:

      Thanks Willow – I’ll love those ocean pictures come winter!


  6. Beautiful photos Kathie. It’s been a great fall hasn’t it? So far anyway. Sweet pics of your grands. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


  7. jerralea says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Love all the photos of your family – so sweet. That last fall photo of the Island was my favorite. I wonder if L. M. Montgomery ever walked that road?


    1. Kathie says:

      She might have Jerralea – her brother-in-law and his family lived in our community and she was known to have visited here 🙂


  8. Ellen says:

    Beautiful photos of your wonderful world. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours!


  9. Faith says:

    Oh Kathie!!!!!! pei is so much like the adirondacks in color!!! LOVE your pics. Those grandbabies are beautiful. Enjoy every moment….I actually got to go apple picking with my 15 yr old a few weeks ago and it was 76 degrees!! We’ve had an awesome autumn so far….just like our summer. Maybe we will have a milder winter this year😄 happy thanksgiving to you and your family.


    1. Kathie says:

      Let’s keep hoping for that milder winter Faith – we had a doozy last winter!


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