A search for November beauty on Prince Edward Island

1. The skeletal trees etched against a brilliant blue November sky

and leafy crunchiness underfoot.

2. Garden beauty surprises ~ blossoms are always welcome but even more so in November.

I can’t bear to pull the flowers out of the garden yet – as long as I see life, I’m leaving them.


3.  And look at this! Not only blossoms – we have produce!

sugar_snap peas2_Nov
Roger and I planted this third crop of sugar snap peas in late August – just for fun, a gardening experiment

sugar_snap peas_Nov
And also this row of salad greens.


Who could believe it? We’re still gathering supper from the garden in November. I’ll probably have to clean the garden up in the snow but I’ll enjoy every minute of it while I can.

4. The bird-beauties at our feeder. As their regular food disappears, we see them more and more. Such a joy.


American Goldfinch



Downy Woodpecker

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee


5. When the days are dull and rainy, Josie and I are working on indoor beauty. Like art. Watercolour, specifically.

Josie created a little masterpiece for Daddy – he’s on a Western Canadian tour with the band.

And I’m  working on this watercolour course – highly recommended! Not posting any projects yet, but maybe someday 😉

What November beauty are you discovering? Please share about it in the comments.

Thanks so much for visiting!

with love,

PS – More Friday Favourites at Susanne’s blog –  Living To Tell The Story.

16 thoughts on “Mid-November beauty

  1. Debbie Z. says:

    Such beautiful photos! And produce in November…unbelievable. Do you mind my asking what kind of camera you use? Your bird closeups are just spectacular and I don’t think my camera would even come close. Is it your camera or the lens you are using that has such clarity? I know that your photos are the result of your expertise and artistic eye but working with the right equipment sure can make a difference.


  2. anneliese says:

    Such beauty all around for those who will behold! And I’m always amazed as to the pretty birds you have siting in your trees! Seeing all this beauty, appreciating it and creating some beauty of our own, is such a reminder of being made in His image.
    I guess my November beauty is in imagining the house decorated for Christmas and starting to enjoy some greenery and mini lights. The time always goes so fast, I have decided I may as well start earlier and enjoy longer.


  3. nikkipolani says:

    Mmmmmm! What lovely colors are still in your gardens! All against that autumnal blue sky. Beautiful, Kathie. Your watercolor course sounds quite interesting. I hope you will share in the future 🙂


  4. Wonderful November finds. Lucky you to still have flowers blooming. Such sweet birds and a darling little girl.


  5. Susanne says:

    Oh my goodness, produce from the garden in November! How awesome is that! I couldn’t bear to pull up by flowers bushes while they still had blooms on them either. Now they are frozen into the pots. LOL. Oh well. We’re supposed to have a lovely week after the deep freeze last week. How fun to share the watercolor fun with your precious granddaughter!


  6. Rosella Leis says:

    Kathie – your pictures are stunning! I can’t believe how your garden has lasted this long – we are in minus temps with lots of snow over here. Such a sweet little Watercolour Master in the making….good for you for taking a course in this. I look forward to seeing some of your master pieces!


  7. Willow says:

    November here is a little cooler but the skies are blue and the mountains are gold. I am amazed that you have produce in your garden–way to go!


  8. Latane says:

    My fave on here is that precious little Josie. And, she’s quite an artist, too. Hoping to see more of her in future posts. And, of course, I enjoyed the flowers and snow peas.


  9. Melanie says:

    Kathie, your photos are gorgeous! I’ve always heard that PE Is is beautiful. I worked with a nurse who used to live there. My grandmother painted in water color. She was so talented like that. I enjoy your salad greens. How great to have fresh greens from the garden in November. Have a blessed day.


  10. Janice MacDonald says:

    PrIceless! Your shots are amazing! Love visiting your site! Brings huge smiles! Can not thank you enough for sharing! You are the best! What an eye! Thanks!


  11. Faith says:

    gorgeous photos as always. I loved this walk through your November and Josie is getting,so darn big!!!


  12. Ellen says:

    So lovely to see your mid November days. Love the birds you captured so beautifully. How sweet it is that you can have these special times with your little Josie! Your header is so sweet!


  13. Barbara H. says:

    How neat to still have blooms and produce this time of year!

    I think it was John Updyke who had a poem and November, and one line talked about “the beauty of the bone” of bare trees.

    What fun to learn watercolors and to have such a sweet co-artist! 🙂


  14. Dianna says:

    Kathie, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I enjoy Oak leaves, and Sweet Peas, and birds, and that sweet cutie with the paint brush! So nice to visit here today.


  15. Beautiful photos, Kathie. I love the one of the Goldfinch in your header. I guess I am enjoying all the same things you are, except for grandkids (in Alberta!) and fresh garden goodies (amazing!). We had a pretty dusting of snow here this morning. Blessings. Pam


  16. Merryl Squair says:

    A walk along the beach to the entrance to the woods; walking along leafy pathways or moss/lichen green trails; listening to the birds happily singing in the trees; marvelling at all the different kinds of mushrooms; and oh, the quietness in the stillness ~ a prefect time to praise our Lord; then there’s Harriet, scampering here, there and everywhere, but alway having me in her line of sight. Pure bliss!!


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