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Project Cardinal

So my friend Robyn  – who gets as excited about birds as I do – has a rare bird visitor for PEI. A cardinal. They’ve only been sighted a few times here.

He arrives at her bird-feeder early in the morning – around 7. So I jumped in the car this morning and headed down to her place to see if I could spy him.

The bluejays were there.


The chickadees, mourning doves, a nuthatch and even a shy evening grosbeak made an appearance.

But no cardinal . . . I was too late.

You know the old saying – if at first you don’t succeed?

Tomorrow – early – I’ll try again.


19 thoughts on “Project Cardinal

  1. Melanie says:

    What gorgeous photos!! I have a red cardinal “couple” that visit my feeder on a regular basis. Last year, they had babies and it was so cute to see them all gathered at the feeder. I hope you see your cardinal soon! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely bird photos, Kathie. It’s inspiring me to get my feeder up again. We don’t have the Blue Jays or Cardinals here but the Stellar Jays flash their blue feathers around, and we do see Grosbeaks and Varied Thrush.

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  3. I forget that people in other places don’t have the pleasure of seeing cardinals all the time. They are our state bird and I see them all the time. Their beauty always captivates me! Hope you get to see your rare visitor next time!


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