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Project Cardinal update

I arrived at Robyn and Kenny’s at 6:40AM  (thanks for inviting me to your house so early! It’s probably a good thing we’re all morning people 😉 )  Kenny had the bird watching site set up in front of a kitchen window with a clear view of the feeder. He covered most of the window with a towel since the cardinal had been skittish the day before. He left it open just wide enough to fit the camera. Robyn and I crouched down and waited, while Kenny kept watch from a window upstairs.

When Robyn and Kenny pointed out the dark spot in the bush behind the feeder, I was like a little kid at Christmas! 🙂 So exciting! It was 7:10 – the cardinal was right on schedule. The light wasn’t the best for a photo op – PEI November mornings are dark –  but I set my ISO to 3200, steadied my camera on the kitchen windowsill, and snapped away

Here’s what the Govt of PEI website says about Northern Cardinal sightings on PEI

March 16 to May 31
(northerly migration)
Rare, 1 – 5 birds per season
June 1 to August 15
(nesting season)
Rare, 1 – 5 birds per season
August 16 to December 14
(southerly migration)
Rare, 1 – 5 birds per season
December 15 to March 15
Rare, 1 – 5 birds per season
Uncommon, 1 – 12 birds per fortnight


He only stayed for about 10 minutes and then flew away. What a thrill! Now I’m looking forward to some photos of him in the snow – won’t that brilliant red be gorgeous against the white snow?

Lucky for me there’s a storm on the way tomorrow 😉


11 thoughts on “Project Cardinal update

  1. amy says:

    He is lovely! Here in Kentucky he is our state bird…and I generally end up having 15 male and females at my feeders. …when snow is on the ground. I call them my winter Valentine’s:-)


  2. I always love coming here…watching how you so quietly can steal away the breath of standing still and capturing those rare moments. I’ll be watching for that winter storm.


  3. He’s beautiful indeed! We have one at our feeder sometimes and we even had a family of them nest here last summer – they are one of my favourite birds for sure. I had no idea that they were so rare in PEI. Enjoy and I hope your storm wasn’t too severe (saw the weather reports for your area – eek!).


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